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I would like that as well, please! Dark Mode and the option to remove the Tray icon...

Np, we can wait patiently. As long as this IS going to happen. ❤️

But 3 years...... 😭 At least let the community do it, and you just add support for importing Themes? Why can't we help each other?

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You do know that if you 'X' out, the tray icon goes invisible - don't you?

As for 'dfark mode' - it could well be a very long time before that happens. The devs do all the work in their spare time and cosmetic touches are waaaay down on the priority list.

'Letting the community do it' isn't as simple as it may seem - all code has to be checked and then patched in and tested (and re-patched to fix bugs, tested again and again). That takes up a lot of time

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Why is a 'dark mode' so important. It's just eye candy and makes absolutely NO difference to the performance of the app.

If you want it so badly, perhaps you would like to write the code yourselves and submit it for consideration.

Our devs are volunteer workers - they do this in their spare time and don't get paid for it

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On 12/26/2021 at 9:53 AM, Keslen said:

It's a problem that there isn't a dark mode currently available.

It doesn't matter how or why that problem came to be.  It matters that it is.  And it needs to be fixed.

Please fix it.

Who died and made you the Ultimate Boss???

Besides using a free product developed in other peple's free time (read as unpaid) for anyone to use, and also provide free support, you haughtily demand that something be "fixed" (when the product - the program -  isn't "broken")?? What makes you so superior that it gives you the right to imperiously demand anything at all??

You don't like it? Ask for a full refund... oh, wait, you didn't have to pay for anything, right??

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After being here sooo long as Staff, I am absolutely sick and tired of people assuming that just because they raise their tone a bit in the forums, the Developers and Support Staff are going to do their bidding, whenever they snap their fingers.

I've got news, people... Manners are not to be avoided... ever... and, yes, this includes those that rant or demand and end their post with a "please fix this" <--- this, btw, is not a request.

Everyone that works at BitComet is a volunteer who has a regular day job, who, many times, has other real-life obligations and issues to deal with. All to provide others (the Community) a product and Support for their leisure. And what do we get from some users? Some feeling of "divine right" that they think is owed them...

*thread closed*

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