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I would like that as well, please! Dark Mode and the option to remove the Tray icon...

Np, we can wait patiently. As long as this IS going to happen. ❤️

But 3 years...... 😭 At least let the community do it, and you just add support for importing Themes? Why can't we help each other?

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You do know that if you 'X' out, the tray icon goes invisible - don't you?

As for 'dfark mode' - it could well be a very long time before that happens. The devs do all the work in their spare time and cosmetic touches are waaaay down on the priority list.

'Letting the community do it' isn't as simple as it may seem - all code has to be checked and then patched in and tested (and re-patched to fix bugs, tested again and again). That takes up a lot of time

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