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Bad calculation of scores


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Frequently I run bitcomet for seeding.
And generally it runs 1 1/2 hıurs or two.
But every time I am seeding more then 1 gb..
I observed last time (05/03/2017) that my seed not justified by the increase of my score
My upload is about 1.20GB and my score was before 44965 and when I checked my score now I saw the new score is 44997
It makes 35 points and that equals 770MB
Before when I was seeding more then 1GB (eg 1.20-1.30 GB) my score were increasing 100 + pts (depending of connection time).
What's the bug ?

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The data must reach the cometID servers in order to calculate your score which is done once a day and you can score upto 100 points, you also get upto 20 points for being online which seem to post much faster, This creates a max possible of 120 points per day, but in order for the upload to properly register the server must be online and responsive. During heavy load times it could take several attempts to upload your stats. Also there is some server downtime when no stats are received. I believe we have close to 99% up-time which is pretty good considering there are only volunteers to keep them running, and every now and then the system will go down on a holiday causing extended outages, so suffice it to say that when the servers are responsive your points are properly applied. If they aren't responsive BitComet will keep trying until they are, and the stats will get recorded. When the servers are down nothing can be done since the funds do not exist to hire full time staff to maintain them. You can minimize loss of stats by keeping BitComet running longer even if tasks are stopped.


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To add to what TUUS has said, you should remember that the server updates the seeding score in real time (by the clock). For example:

You begin seeding at 12:30 am and by 1:30 you have uploaded over 1 GB of data - your score will only increase by 2 points (one hour connected). Your seeding score won't update until some minutes after 2:00 am and will go up (usually) by 101 - 100 points for the uploading and 1 point for a half hour connected.

Connected time scoring is by the time connected - seeding scoring is on the (real time) hour after you are connected for over one hour.

Anyway, as I never tire pointing out - the 'scoring' is just for fun. You can't buy beer with the points LOL

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