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can't download files

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I can't get BitComet to work for me any more (used it for years). I always get the red X when trying to download. The files I'm trying to download are zipped video files (TV show episodes) from a private site. I never had trouble downloading from there before. I can download them just fine by just right-clicking and choosing "save file as..." in my browser. I would prefer to use BitComet, though.

When I right-click the failed download and choose properties I get:  bitcomet querying file size failed: connecting failed

I'm using Windows 10 Home. Bitcomet (64 bit) 1.45 Stabel Release. I'm logged in. I have plenty of space. Using the laptop with wireless and DSL connection. I have McAfee.


Thanks for any help,



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when did you last run a disk check and/or a defragmentation on your hard drive?

While a drive may show lots of free space, 'lost clusters' prevent files from being saved. The red 'X' is saying that it's not possible to write to the drive (which is all to do with what the OS sees as free rather than the client app)

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I defrag weekly by hand but, as I asked, when did you last check the drive for errors? When you say you have 'over 700 GB' are you talking about files or free space? If you arte downloading a lot, I'd recommend a second drive and use that for storage (even partitioning your existing drive helps in the event of you having to re-format and re-install Windows)

Try the following:

1: go to C:/Windows/Temp and delete all files that you can (some may be 'in use' but try to clear it)

2: Right click on the drive and go to 'properties' - run 'check disk for errors' and when that's finished, do the defrag. Clear the browser temp files as well. Don't forget that as a general rule of thumb that you need twice the space the file needs (this allows for buffering and temp files)

Those are standard drive maintenance porocedures and should be done anyway. However, one other possibility - check in the properties tag of the problematic download and make sure that the entry in 'save path' points to a drive that exists. It can happen that if you have been saving to an external drive that could have changed the letter

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Sorry, I meant to say I have over 700 GB of free space. All the temp files were deleted recently. I had a different problem and someone from Dell went in my laptop and did all that stuff - cleaned it out. Deleted temp files etc.

Also, I recently backed up a lot of my files onto an external hard drive and deleted them on here. The laptop is fairly new (got it last November) and one of the best/most expensive I've ever had. I haven't had any other problems with it other than sometimes it suddenly decides that I can only use it if I touch the screen. Then I have to reboot and that fixes it. That was the error the Dell support person was trying to fix, but they weren't successful. It happens about once a month or so.

I've been using computers for 20+ years and haven't had to defrag in a long time. Windows does it for me. I've never had this problem before with Bitcomet. Why should I defrag etc. if Windows does it regularly automatically? That makes no sense.

No, I haven't been saving to an external drive. I always save to the same place.

My guess would be that there's some setting on Bitcomet that needs to be changed, or something on my computer is blocking it (possibly McAfee?) but it's just guesswork on my part.


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There's no 'setting' apart from the initial one where it asks where to store the downloads. As for MS defrag, I've been using computers since 8 bit days and I have never actually trusted the cut-down defrag app bundled with 'doze to be very efficient - I use a third party app, either Ashampoo WinOptimizer or the Auslogics one. However, check the properties on the failed downloads and make sure that the path there matches the one you have set.

However, I'm going to assume you did the last major upgrade. In that case, you'll find that you have an extra partition on your hard drive (assuming that you boot from MBR and not EFI). If you are booting from MBR, that partition is unnecessary and can be removed and the Windows partition can be expanded to take up the 450 MB or so slack. It's possible that it has been allocated a drive letter which would mess things up a bit. I have to do that every couple of weeks or so - the joys of being in the 'fast ring' and beta-testing LOL (I'm running build 16188, RS prerelease 170430-1928)

Did you run disk cleanup from control panel, administrative tools on 'system files' to remove the old installation?

McAfee could be the problem though - what I do is set up the bitcomet downloads on a separate partition (actually I've 7 hard drives here and it's on a totally different drive) but open McAfee and whitelist the bitcomet partition (so that it doesn't get scanned automatically).


Edit: I forgot to mention this, but if you are using a SSD, do NOT defrag it - EVER (or you will end up with severe problems)

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This is a bit over my head...I'll look at it more later...

Can anyone tell me why a) I never had this problem before in all of the years I've been using Bitcomet? 

b0 And also, if this defrag or partitioning is an issue, why is it only an issue with Bitcomet and not any other programs I've been using, or downloading the same exact files by just using "save as..." ?

I may just give up on Bitcomet if it's become so much more difficult to use....I don't have time for all this.



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Did you run a disk check and did you also check the default download drive/folder?

If there are lost clusters on your drive, they eat up space, but the drive properties will show it as available. Running a disk check/repair will fix that

If the default download drive/folder is incorrect (drive or folder doesn't actually exist) then you will get the red 'X'. If your setting in options is to save to E:/Gogglebox and you have a folder on drive E called 'Googlebox' - it will fail


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