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This is the place wherein you can talk about your pets at home, let me start by introducing my fur baby. This is Copper, the most hyper Pomeranian that you will meet. He loves to sneak out using the dog door, heading to the backyard. From there he will play until he gets tired then go back inside again. It has been the same routine every day. It was really so hard for me to deal with it before and I’m glad that I have installed a tiny little door for him to use.



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Wow!!... If I get started  talking about all of the pets that share our house it could take a while... :D

For starters, all of our pets have been rescued and/or adopted, with the exception of one tiny, adorable, Russian hamster named Hammy.

At the present moment, we own four dogs, six cats, one (common/wild) rabbit, five budgies (two of which are hand-reared), Hammy, one 125-litre aquarium with two gigantic goldfish, and another 125-litre aquarium with an assortment (about 80 or so "tenants") of tropical fish.

You can imagine what the vet bills are like, at our house, LOL!! :D

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36 minutes ago, Rhubarb said:

You do not 'own' a cat Cassie - cats condescend to allow you to house and fed them (and also scratch bits they can't reach) LOL

Very true, LOL!! :D

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