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can not isten to port 11303, 11303 ( udp)

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I have been away with my laptop. Before I went away I had MO problem with Bitcomet- When IO tried to use when away on holiday it did not work. Hence my initial query on this Forum.

One of the replies mentioned that I had to ensure tat the router allowed Bitcomet through. I of course thought that the problem was with the router I was using  when on holiday. Now that I have returned I receive the same error message, ie can not isten to port 11303, 11303 ( udp) and All I see in the bottom left hand corner of page is "Connecting to server"


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You probably need to set up port forwarding to a fixed IP number. To do this you will need to go to network properties and set up a manual IP number in TCP/IP v4 (usually something like 192.168.0.### where ### is any number between 2 and 255, but it may also be 192.168.1.###). You will also need to set up manual DNS - you can get your ISP dns by typing ipconfig in a command prompt (this will also tell you the address of your router which wull let you know the first three numbers of the internal IP)

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