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This is not a virus, even the name says "trojan" not "virus", they are two different things, but in this case it's not a trojan either, it's simply Installcore, a tool that allows bitcomet to offer you optional software that you can select or decline. As long as it's not abused installcore is a legitimate tool and won't install any malware on your system, but if you want bitcomet without installcore try the link in my signature.

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There is no 'trojan'. What is happening is that some anti-virus apps think that installcore is one (it isn't)

There is a big difference between a trojan (something that installs an unwanted app on the computer) and a virus (which attacks files already there). In the case of installcore, you do get an option whether or not to install the bundled software (which coincidentally, this time round, is a trial version of Symantec/Norton).

It's the bundled commercial software that pays for the servers.

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