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Small Upload speed after few days


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I have 2200+ active torrent. All active for upload.

If start BC, upload speed normal, but after few days, upload speed very small (under 100 kb for all). if restart BC, upload speed be normal.

only restart BC. NO restart router (keenetic giga). NO restart PC

other client (Qb) work normal, upload over 61 Tb

ver 1.86 win10x64


Image 170.png

Image 171.png

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  • 5000 changed the title to Small Upload speed after few days

Upload speed can be slow for various reasons: Lack of people looking for that file or even your ISP has capped your speed.

What you aren't showing in the screen dump is the number of connections

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Check your ports as you may be inadvertently throttling the stream

However, as I said earlier, upload speed depends on how fast a leecher is downloading. If they are slow, then your upload speed will also be slow.

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This is a problem for quite some time now since version 1.73. Upload speed suddenly drops close to zero but some time later it picks up again, only to repeat the cycle later on once more and continues in this oscillating fashion. This is not a problem with too few leechers being unable to download fast enough, because the same leechers are there all the time.

It seems to be a problem that appears when there is a great number of active torrents ready for upload at the same time. If the number of active torrents to be uploaded is reduced to 100 or less there is no problem at all. It seems that there is a saturation limit reached when there are too many upload tasks, that causes BC to stop sending data even with plenty of leechers connected and waiting to download. It seems as though it enters an Anti-leech mode of operation.

I tried in Options/BitTorrent to Disable the Anti-leech and Protocol Encryption options but this made no difference at all. Also in the Options/Task seeding rules I have this box unchecked. The minimum and maximum upload speeds are set to the "unlimited" defaults. I have also set the Listening Port to be randomized after every start, with all three port mappings that follow be selected.

It would be nice to have some kind of debugging tool to monitor what BC "thinks" when it begins to restrict upload speed. For instance to have some kind of visual notification when the Anti-leech operation has kicked into action or when BC intentionally restricts upload speed. Such information could potentially also appear in the Task Log or Global Log Tab.



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