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I need some advice/help

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I have been looking through my BitComet history, and there are several hundred downloads, 

I'd like to seed them again, so how do I do it, I know where they are in a folder

Now another thing, When I shut down my PC, I have to open up bit Comet to restart the files I have downloaded

How do I start them as soon as my Bit comet is loaded ?

They go from Green to orange (Green not seeding, Orange Seeding)

Thanks in advance

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That worked fine

600 odd torrents redownloading, but by God, its slowing down my PC

The pop up box is going crazy, one every second

My poor old windows 7 PC is going mad😃

Oh, well its staying on all night, give em half a chance of downloadin

(I'm not sure why they are downloading them again, they are all in my downloaded folder, oh well its Bit Comet and a PC, I guess they know what they are doing)

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Reduce the 'maximum number' for tasks and it will download that number simultaneously and it will queue the remainder and start as soon as an empty slot appears.

If the files are already there, check the folders and stop all transfers and do a manual hash check on all files, then restart

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There is absolutely nothing anyone here can do about that beyond suggesting you get an external hard drive and transfer anything you really want to keep to that

You can stop any download at any time, irrespective of the amount of free space available - it doesn't matter how full the drive is - it simply stops any data from coming in and doesn't write anything to the drive from that point

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