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Norton "Program Alert"


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I have just downloaded & installed V7 :( replacing V6.3 :D .

V6.3 worked well on the default setup with my Norton Antivirus setup.

I have not amended anything in Norton, but since I have installed V7 I am getting Program alert popups for every new remote address that is being added, I am fed up of seeing the Popup (see screenshot)

Help !! Is it my setup or Bitcomet.


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read the FAQ's and this should be in help section not in bug section.

Why do you think this is a bug?

I have looked thru the FAQ's & the Norton issue in there is to do with "Worm" pop ups, not the pop up I have copied in here.

If you know any different please post the URL in here I shall go away & fix my problem.

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Hmm, have you attempted the same approach as what I mentioned in the 'worm' issue with Norton?

Though...generally Norton Firewalls are too sensitive, you'll find that it rejects ALOT of P2P applications, thinking it's some backdoor trojan, when it actually isn't.

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