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Guide to change favorite section settings

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EDIT: Bit Comet's .xml file is now being updated daily, and each time you restart Bit Comet, it will download the latest list. Unfortunately, this means any custom list you make will revert back to the current list when this happens. I have discussed this with our developers, and as soon as we have a stable way to disable this feature, we will update this guide. In the meantime, I would use local bookmarks to visit sites not on bit comets list.


Ok to change the favourite tab setting you need to do the following:

first you need to know what language you are using :D

Close BitComet;

go to C:\program files\bitcomet\fav folder or whatever is your program directory

in there you will find *.xml files for the different languages open the file with notepad that is for your language

rename the file like *_backup.xml

if you are with the default language the file to rename is: fav_en_us.xml to fav_en_us_backup.xml.

then open fav_en_us_backup.xml with notepad

make sure you are open it with notepad: right click-> open with-> notepad or browse choose notepad make sure always use this program to open such type of files is uncheck.

you will see code like this one:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<BitComet Author="RnySmile" Version="0.1">
	<WebSite expend="true" display="Torrent Sites" infotip="Browse Torrents Sites...">
		<torrents type="url" value="http://www.torrentspy.com" display="TorrentSpy" infotip="The Largest BitTorrent Search Engine" />
		<torrents type="url" value="http://www.wtorrent.com" display="wTorrent" infotip="wTorrent" />
		<torrents type="url" value="http://www.isohunt.com/js/redir/BitComet.php" display="isoHunt" infotip="big search engine for any type of torrent" />
		<torrents type="url" value="http://www.torrentportal.com/" display="TorrentPortal" infotip="A great portal with alot of dedicated uploaders" />

where it says:

<WebSite expend=[b]"true"[/b]

change this if you want the Torrent Sites directory to be expanded when you click favourite tab or not. true=expanded, false=not expanded.

to change the name of the directory you see in the favorite tab change the display name:

<WebSite expend="true" [b]display="Torrent Sites"[/b]

this is same for all the below directories:

<Promotion expend="true"
<RSSLinks expend="false"
<HomePage expend="false"

change it according to your needs and desire.

under the RSSLinks tree you will find links for the different sites which have subdirectories with categories of RSS types.

<a type="rss" value="http://www.boxtorrents.com/rss.xml" display="BoxTorrents" infotip="0-week torrents"/>
		[b]<Links expend="false"[/b] display="BiteNova" infotip="BiteNova.org">

change this to true if you want the subdirectories for different site under the RSS directory to be expanded and to see the sub-subdirectories.

if you want to remove site from the Torrent Sites directory tree delete the line with the site's name under the:

<WebSite expend="true" display="Torrent Sites" infotip="Browse Torrents Sites...">


for example if you want to remove "TorrentSpy" from the Torrent Sites tree you need to delete:

<torrents type="url" value="http://www.torrentspy.com" display="TorrentSpy" infotip="The Largest BitTorrent Search Engine" />

If you want to add site in the Torrent Sites tree add line; for example if you want to add site for ThePirateBay

add the following line:

<torrents type="url" value="http://www.thepiratebay.org" display="ThePirateBay" infotip="Swedish BitTorrent Search Engine" />

After the changes save the file with the original name:fav_en_us.xml or whatever were your language file.

Open BitComet click on the favorite tab and enjoy on your creation :P

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If you want to add more RSS feeds you need to follow the same structure it is in the file already.

you need to know the rss feed links of the site you want to add.

example of adding one very good site with torrents and well organized rss feeds: demonoid.com:

<RSSLinks expend="true" display="RSS-FEED" infotip="">
		<Links expend="true" display="Demonoid" infotip="Demonoid.com">
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/0.xml" display="All" infotip="All"/>
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/5.xml" display="Applications" infotip="Applications"/>
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/17.xml" display="Audio Books" infotip="Audio Books"/>
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/11.xml" display="Books" infotip="Books"/>
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/4.xml" display="Games" infotip="Games"/>
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/6.xml" display="Misc" infotip="Misc"/>
			<c type="rss" value="http://www.demonoid.com/rss/1.xml" display="Movies" infotip="Movies"/>

you can go to the site and then add as many categories and types of RSS feeds as you want.

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Hi dim, I followed your guide and I thought It worked perfect.When I opened Bitcomet today all the original lists are back.What have I done wrong? :blink:

This is normal, as the list now auto updates each day. (read my note on the top of this post)


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