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Can't find file


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I downloaded a torrent using bitcomet and i know its on my computer because its movie clips and its 5GB. But i cant find it on my computer. I've tried searching for the name of the file as well as doing the obvious of going to the program file part of bit torrent and going under downloads and seeing if it's there (which it is not)...anyone know why after downloading the torrent i cant even see the file

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I understand you have completed download of a rather large torrent, but the files are not in your program files\bit comet\downloads directory.

What windows version are you using?

If you are using one of the vista beta distributions, this is a common problem, and you should save your completed downloads to a folder within "my documents", or to your desktop.

If you are using a current version of winxp, then I suggest you log on as administrator (if your not already), and if you are able to view the files, then change your download location to an area where all users have access.


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I'm having the same exact problem.

I downloaded a 700 MB file. BitComet says it's 100% and is seeding it back to the network. If I select browse download directory, it takes me to C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\HC1NPYBG. That's problem one: I don't understand why it didn't put the file where I told it to.

However, the file isn't in there (which is problem two). It's also not in the download directory I've set (D:\Downloads) or the default BitComet download directory (C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads or whatever). Also, a search of my drives for the file does not find it anywhere.

I'm not sure if Windows would report the space being used (I'd have to delete the torrent via BitComet and, presuming it was actually deleted, see if it changed). I'll do that sans any other solution.

I'm running BitComet 0.70 on Windows XP with all the latest patches and such and I can see all hidden, system, protected, etc. files. Additionally, the several other downloads I did around the same time are properly saved in my downloads directory and I can see and use them just fine. Drives are defragged frequently, no spyware, etc. In other words, my system is clean and there should be no other problem like that causing the problem. I'm logged in as an administrator and have complete access to my system.

I'll also say that I'm 98% sure this happened once before (many, many weeks ago) but I just ignored it and deleted the torrent. But maybe not.

Any thoughts out there?

I'll just delete the torrent at some point and start over; not a big deal, but I'd rather solve the problem.

By the way, besides this error and a couple of (personal) other very minor issues/complaints, I think that BitComet is a great piece of software. Well done...

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Hi Zoot,

Is your setup exactly the same as billcook's? You also told BitComet 0.70 where you wanted it to save your files to (not the deafult location)?

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Check the task properties, and see if the download directory for this torrent is where you think it's supposed to be. You can change the download location for each task, and if you do, this overrides the general default location. But it's also possible for that field to be corrupted in your downloads.xml file.

It has to be seeding from somewhere that BitComet is finding, so this is getting weird.

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