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This reaay stinks


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I downloaded atorrent from the pirate bay

It took 2 days 4 gig.

When i went to open the Rar file it was incrypted & asked for a password.

There was a password text file with a URL

When i went there it said i dont have access to weiw the page.

How am i going to unrar the files?

I dont have the torrent i just opened it & it started downloading.

How do i find out who uploaded it ?

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You've just encountered a slightly refined form of torrent spam. TPB comments will usually help you avoid these because others will comment that this is a passworded archive and shouldn't be downloaded.

Many other forums ban this, and will delete both the upload and the uploader for doing so.

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One way to find the password would be (assuming pirate bay didn't list it in the torrent post or comments) would be to visit the trackers web site, or do a search for the file name and/or torrent name in google.

Concerning not being able to view the page you were referred to, most require you to register, as you did at this forum.


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