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A smal Problem with IE 6 Favorites


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Hi all,

I have IE 6 and when I put any site in my favorites, the mini icon that comes with this site (in the begining of the site name) disappears at the end of 1 or 2 days to let place to IE icon "e". :angry:

How I can fix that please ?


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If I understand you correct, I think this is because your browsers "cache" files are set to only store this for a limited amount of time.

If this is correct, then you really don't want to change your setting, as this will only use more resources, and could effect performance if you change.


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It does take a certain amount of arrogance to substitute your own logo for someone else's. What, Microsoft arrogant?

Switch to Firefox as your web browser, it won't do that and you'll be a lot happier for many reasons.

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