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Problem w/ remote and local connections


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First off Hello.

Second.... well here goes.

I am using Tiny XP Beast.

Dual 731 P3 processors

768 RAMBus

Set port fowarding in my router for bitcomet ( 49152-65534 ) Got that info from www.portfowarding.com

Set client as it was explaned in a p2p website for bitcomet, sorry can't remember what it is but I can find it again if it will help.

There is no Windows firewall in this os.

Turned off firewall on the router.

I never get any remote connections only local.

I have gone over all the settings for router and client 3 times and am still downloading 4-5kbs on torrents with 7/10[7/80] seems to me I should be faster. Something I missed? or is the gateway (Actiontec GT704 wired) the problem?

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I sugest you sownload the lates stable version bittcomet 0.70(first of all)

second of all I think you have limited the acces of pieces of info 2 youre computer by limiting the ports, cas you could get connected 2 100(or more) computers in a single torrent(you have to give back what you take),(and that limiting you just connect 2 a few computers in the swarm)...I need 2 know to which traker are you connected(hit the traker button after you selected the torrent, it would say which traker you are connected 2, and if you are banned, it's located under the torrents meniu, under summary), there 2 types of trakers private and public, at private trakers you have 2 register, and some trakers even ban the use of bittcomet...I don't think there is something wrong whith youre connection or setting... but do you a stable ip?

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I am using 0.75 for my client program.

The tracker is thus: tpb.tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce

I like Pirate bay because they don't require any registration to use. I have tried a few other sites that need registration but because of my slow speeds I get banned before I can download and share anything.

The OS Tiny XP Beast is optimized for gameing and internet use. All of the Windows bloat and limitations have been stripped out.

Thanks for the responce.

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like dawin said, you should go back to v0.70 for now.

Turn the firewall back on in your router

The firewall is not the problem, the problem is your PC is behind a NAT

Any unsolicited traffic being sent to your public IP address wont know where to be routed to.

This is why you need to portforward your Actiontec.

When you do the portforwarding there is only one port, Bitcomet's port, that needs to be forwarded

You do not need to forward an entire range of ports, just the one.

Go here


find your router or one similar then pick Bitcomet and follow the steps.

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The portforward.com site is the one I used to do the port forwarding set-up.

Went thru it again to verify my settings.

I have the option to turn NAT off if I want. Yes-No?

Also will downgrade to 0.70

Thanks to all for the help. You really have to love this to put up with this stuff.

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Just want to make sure you understand that you do not need to forward a whole range of ports.

You only need to forward Bitcomet's single port.


if your router asks for a "port start" and a "port end"

It should look like this:

port start: 60002 (or whatever port you have Bitcomet set to)

port end: 60002

I have the option to turn NAT off if I want. Yes-No?
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Got Ya will change port foward to 49152-49152, Thanks

NAT will stay on, Thanks

Screen shot is of best speed goes down from there. Still no remote connections though.

Thanks for all the help. You must like what you do to put up with the problems.


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I guess what I am after is the remote connections that will give me the speed.

Is it possable that it is something to do with my DSL package?

After having done the port routing and downgrading to 0.70 I still have slow speeds.

So that leaves me with the DSL package I pay for.

Really would like to know just because I like to solve problems.

Thanks for your help.

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Here is a new screen shot. It shows the high amount of connections but very low speeds. I am very frustrated with my speeds. reading other posts about people getting "only 30-40 kbs" after my problems, I would LOVE to have those "problems" PLEASE help. If you are as stumped as I am let me know. I am doing all I can to solve my problem.

Thank you for your help.


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The usual run of internet user has and wants no unsolicited traffic coming in. Everything that does come in is in reply to something he asked for.

In reality, there are those who probe any computer connected to the internet, hoping to find an unsuspecting machine that does have some application which, unbeknown to the owner, is listening to and responding to unsolicited requests. One example of that is the windows message app, which is intended for situations such as a network administrator informing everyone that the network will be going down in 15 minutes, and similar things. Someone figured out how to abuse this to place ads on the desktop.

The recommended response is to have a firewall. A firewall rejects all unsolicited traffic, unless it has been specifically told to allow the traffic through.

Bittorrent is quite different from most other applications, because it does want unsolicited connections. These are connections from other members of the swarm. They're not in response to anything you sent. Instead, they're basically offers to compare what pieces of the torrent you have, and what they have, and whether you both want to swap those pieces. This is the same communication that you yourself are sending out to various members of the swarm.

Bittorrent clients have a "listen port" on which they expect to receive such offers from other, previously unknown swarm members. When you send out a communication to another member, you send it on their listen port, where their client is expecting to find such communications. So also, your client is listening for other people to send such communications, on your listen port.

Firewalls block unsolicited communications, as said. That's their job and why they exist. What you must do is make sure that no firewall is blocking incoming traffic to your listen port, as it will do by default unless specifically told otherwise.

Some people have more than one firewall. They have a firmware firewall in the router, and a software firewall running on their computer, and they may even have more than one software firewall. And they mya not even be aware of this.

It only takes one firewall to block all of the traffic on your listen port. If it is blocked, you won't be able to make many of the best connections you could have made, because you don't know they're available. Your speed suffers as a result.

Your internet connection may, itself, be behind a firewall that you don't control. That happens often when you get your connection as part of the facility -- it comes with the apartment, or the dormitory, or business, or wireless connection. If that's the case, you can't do much about it. But that's not most people's connection. Most connections are directly to the ISP via DSL or cable, and these are usually not firewalled.

As far as firewalls you do or can control, they are your responsibility, and it is up to you to know what's running on your hardware. If you have a software firewall you don't know about, then you need to find out and take the appropriate steps.

If your router's external firewall has been blocking your listen port, then you need to instruct the router to forward traffic which is on that particular port, and intended for your particular computer, to pass through unblocked. But your responsibility does not end there. You may have resolved the situation for that one firewall, but all of the others you have are still your responsibility, and you must unblock this port for each and every firewall that you are running.

It's strongly discouraged to have multiple firewalls like this. They don't add to your security, but they do add to your management headaches.

Test. Hook your computer directly to the modem, bypassing the router. Is BC's listen port unblocked now, so that you are getting remote connections? If it is, then it was your router, which is still blocking those connections and you still haven't configured it right. If not, then you don't know whether your router is configured rcorrectly or not, but you do know that you still have something blocking the port, and it's on your machine, or else it's further upstream on your connection. You have to figure out which, and fix it if you can.

You can use the port test at www.canyouseeme.org for a quick test of whether some step has finally unblocked the port or not. While using it, remember that it only takes one firewall to block the port completely. If you've got three of them, and you've fixed the first and the third, it won't matter because the second is still completely blocking the port.

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OK Not possable to direct connect dsl modem, the router and modem are one of those all in one things.

Went to canyouseeme.org and they could'nt see me.

I have all the firewalls off that I can get to. I don't use any on this computer because of BC.

Guess I'll just have to live with what I have.

Thanks for all the help.

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I wouldn't give up yet...

If your modem/router is provided by your isp, then perhaps their tech support, or the manufacturers tech support can help you resolve getting your port forwarded.

Also, be sure your client is running when you test your port at canyouseeme.org.


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The router I have was bought by me because the dsl modem sent by my isp finally broke. I didn't want an all in one but thats all I could find. I have had it for about 2 years now and it is starting to give me trouble.

Turned BC on then did canyouseeme.org "connection timed out"

Buying a new modem right now is not a option so, now what?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally got mine to work after tweaking almost anything I could possibly think of.

If your modem doesn't come with a built-in firewall, port-forwarding is NOT needed. I found this out the hard way.

If you're using Windows Firewall, have it turned on but add BitComet as an exception. Open the port that BitComet listens to (in your preferences menu), set it to both incoming and outgoing, and set it to TCP/UDP (meaning both). This will open the port and allow incoming and outgoing connections.

It varies from firewall to firewall, but try to go thru the same process. For Trend Micro PC-Cillin 2006, the firewall I am using, I went to Overview > Protection (Configure) > Personal Firewall > Direct Connection > Exceptions > Add, then I did the same process as above (specify BitComet listen port, allow incoming and outgoing connections, and set it to TCP/UDP).

Now I am getting both Local and Remote connections (NAT Traversal some of the time). :D

Hope this helped most of you. Took me ages to finally figure it out. Now if I can only get XBConnect to host XBox games... :P

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The router I have was bought by me because the dsl modem sent by my isp finally broke. I didn't want an all in one but thats all I could find. I have had it for about 2 years now and it is starting to give me trouble.

Turned BC on then did canyouseeme.org "connection timed out"

Buying a new modem right now is not a option so, now what?

I hope this can help. But u must connect ur pc directly to ur modem first (bypassing ur router). Now, go into the settings of ur modem by opening Internet Explorer and type in the address bar. A window will popup and u need to insert ur username and password in it. Generally, the username is "admin" and password is "admin". If ur password is not accepted, try inserting "password" as ur password. Else u can call technical support line of ur ISP or Modem supplier (from whoever u got ur modem). Once u get into the settings page of the Modem, see what kind of connection you have between ur modem and pc. Is it Static (IP) or PPPoE?? If it is Static (IP) then call technical support and ask them to bridge connections to PPPoE. DO NOT use ur own mind to change anything. Once the connection is changed to PPPoE, connect the router back in and establish a connection using ur router (modem+router=>pc). Now, go to www.canyouseeme.org and check the listening port of ur BitComet client. If the result is positive then all ur problems are solved. If the result is negative then u need to change the listening port. (Note: I assume here that u have disabled all the firewalls on ur computer) Call the technical support of ur router manufacturer and ask them to find and open a port for ur BitComet client. Once the port is forwarded, visit www.canyouseeme.org and check the new port. If the result is still negative then ask assistance before you hangup the phone. They can surely find a way out. It is not necessary to have a port between 49000-60000. U can insert any port no. Remember, rules for Bitcomet will be automatically created in firewalls (in Exceptions tab) after u start downloading any torrent. In other words, UDP/TCP exceptions for ur port no. will be automatically created in Firewalls once you start downloading. At this point, only changing and checking the port on www.canyouseeme.org can help. Do post a response here after getting technical assistance from your router. Believe me, they can help you to assign a port which is open.

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