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Mr. Díaz,

First of all, I would advise you to NOT make duplicate posts in the future, as they will be deleted (as is the case with your other post).

Second, I would ask that you show a minimum amount of respect towards non Spanish-speaking members in this forum, by NOT posting your question in any other language that is not English, as this is an English forum. It is quite rude to exclude others, by speaking a foreign language on such a site.

If you would like to address your question in Spanish, I suggest that you make use of the Spanish forum.



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AND SO I DID, Which still got DELATED

As you´ve been good enough to start a forum for people looking for solutions with Bitcomet and as there is 7 versions or so since .70 which putting it straight don´t work properly. I would of expected a moderator to of helped with a question i had instead of going around the ricken and going to all that trouble of delating posts that you told me to post on the Spanish forum. Not forgetting i´m only looking for a answer. There´s certainly many things on the internet that advertise one thing and do another. like i download this Errorsafe thing that apparently comes from Bitcomet to find it´s assed my computer up, again my question do you know anything about thing ERRORSAFE thing flashing up on my screen twice a day ????? It´s on about cleaning my computer to make it faster or something like that...Awaiting a reply, Thank you, Mr-Diaz

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hi Mr Diaz

I haven't seen this "errorsafe" that you speak of, but I have seen many of these warnings.

This is NOT related to Bit comet, and needs to be removed.

Most of these "flashing" warning that your computer might be infected are actually an infection themself.

I strongly recommend you run a full virus scan, and several spyware scans.

DO NOT follow any instructions the flashing notice gives you, as many will prompt you to install some very malicious software. One common program that does this is WinAntiVirus (which is actually a trojen virus). Once you install it, you will not be able to use the internet at all, except to go to their site and pay them to fix what they screwed up.

There are many of these scams.

I recommend two free programs

Spybot search and destroy

Ad Aware personal (be careful of "sound a like" programs)

Another good one that I like is XoftSpy. It is good at finding browser hijackers that other cannot, and seems to find bits and pieces of other malware that the others miss.

HiJack This, is also good, but not for a Novice.

There are many so called "anti spyware" programs that are themself spyware, so be careful what you use.


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It really is no use, since there are always about half a million torrents running at any given time, so it's really hard to tell which are good, and which are bad.

If you ever get one that asks you to install any software in order to get a password, DO NOT do it.

It would be far cheaper to buy the files, then to pay to have your computer repaired after it becomes infected and useless.


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