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clearly there is no seeders on the torrent i'm downloading right now, but yet, i watch as other leechers began to reach 100% one by one, then disappears, how is this possible? i don't know weather i should stop or continue downloading, like i said, no seeders, but some people still get to 100%

please help me.

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Maybe there was a seeder (with 100%) before you started and different people got different parts of the file from them. Then when you started downloading, maybe this simple scenario is happening. 2 leachers each with 50% ... but the completely opposite 50%. They can both get to 100% by downloading the others 50%

What you didn't say is if you are getting any download from this torrent at all. If you aren't, maybe you are downloading lots of other things at the same time and bitcomet is giving priority to 'healthier' torrents.

Try stopping ALL other downloads and just let the one you are talking about run for a while and see what happens then.

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There is a "mode" of seeding that is referred to as "superseeding". When used, the initial seeder will appear as a "peer" not a seeder. This method is designed to enable the initial uploader to distribute one complete copy, piece by piece, and when the final piece is uploaded, all (or most) of the peers will complete at the same time.

This is a common method used by some release groups, since as soon as the initial seeding is done, there will be alot of peers complete, and the person can move onto another torrent.

If you see a peer that is at 100%, and not listed as a "seeder", then it is likely a "superseeder".

Superseeding is ONLY recommended when starting a new torrent, with only one seed

At this time, Bit Comet has no superseeding option, and perhaps this is best, as I'm sure we would have a large number of people using it incorrectly if it was implemented.


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There is a *lot* of misinformation floating around regarding super-seeding, and it's hard to dig down and get the facts on it. But you can trace its history and its purpose, and what it does, with diligent research.

The whole idea is that some people have to pay for their internet connections by the amount of data UPloaded. This sorta makes sense because most people don't upload very much, so this is one measure of their internet activity. But that discourages these people from seeding because it directly costs them money to do so. Somebody had an idea to reduce those costs by sending out one piece, then not sending another piece to that same peer until somebody ELSE offered the first piece, which means that it has been shared around the swarm.

The point (imperfectly achieved) was to try to upload each piece once and only once. But if you actually do that, you can cripple the swarm, so this intermediate way was used instead. The purpose is to minimize upload bandwidth because it was costing money. It's not faster, (in fact it's slower), but it's cheaper for those few people and so encourages them to seed.

Then it got adopted, performance and goals widely confused (hey, it says "super" so it must be "better", right?), and a great deal of noise spread out around it giving it characteristics and purposes that it does not have. That continues to the current day.

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