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My BitComet lagging

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I dont know what is happening. before when i had a PC, bitcomet is ok when i used.

Now i am changing to Laptop, bitcomet has problem.

When i open it, every few click, bitcomet will freeze and show not responding for around 5-10 second. after that, normal again. but a few click again, freeze for few second again.

Since bitcomet is C++ based, i try used bitlord which is C++ too and having same problem.

So i made conclusion that something wrong with my laptop reading C++ torrent client.

So what i need to do?

Additional information:

then i use azureus which is not C++, and no problem.

But i want to use bitcomet because in my tunneling, bitcomet speed is faster (20 KB/s) compare to what i use azureus (just 1-3 KB/s). Well i know that is wrong with my configuration. But i want to use bitcomet because i have been using it for years ( I love BitComet already).

So please help me.

ADD Note: I have no problem in downloading. Bitcomet is still able to download, but the freeze is annoying me...

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Hi there.

You gave us no your hardware specifications, so I can just offer you some general things to try. Well, issues are either hardware or software (or both) related, that's for sure :)

So... Possible "bottlenecks": CPU, memory, storage devices, network, hardware incompatibility.


Check CPU load (e.g. tabs with processes & graph in Task Manager accessed via right click on taskbar in WinXP) - BitComet's or overall must be <<50% when PC is idle.

Give BitComet more CPU time: increase it's priority (right click it in 2nd tab in Task Manager), temporarily close other tasks (e.g.antivirus) if needed.

(some other possible slow-down causes skipped due to their generality - if any of those were present, your system's OVERALL perfomance would suffer, which doesn't seem to be in your case)



But i want to use bitcomet because in my tunneling, bitcomet speed is faster (20 KB/s) compare to what i use azureus (just 1-3 KB/s).

would made me (if I would be you) reproduce the same within BitComet. Check suitable options you have on/off/set in Azureus and make BitComet use the same (as much as possible; use the same torrents). Use speed limiter to match Azureus speed.

BTW, BitLord is based on some old BitComet version; Azureus is written in Java which is much more resource demanding than simple C++.

*edit*: I've just found out similar question and answer in FAQ here. Maybe it'll be useful for you.

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Well I use Pentium M P4 1.6 Ghz, RAM 512MB, VGA 64MB [ati radeon x300].

with HDD 40 Giga (left 5GB).

the RAM still left 200 MB with bitcomet use 24 MB.

if something to do with specification of my computer, I try it on my friend's computer which is P4 1.3 Ghz, RAM 512MB, VGA 32MB, and the bitcomet does not have problem at all.

i believe it is due to software problem. Well indeed I use antivirus Kaspersky with Zone Alarm Firewall (which i have disable but no changes with bitcomet).

Hope it is clear enough. hehe...

btw, thx for the help

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Not too much to thank for, it seems to me... And doesn't seem to be hardware problem too. I'll pass then :)

The last, but not the least:

If the given above FAQ link doesn't help, you may try the one Soraiya's has posted (atop of this page) or/and one out of bitdave's signature (his settings guide is here. There's also "Guides and HowTo's" section here.

Anyways, nice GUI isn't the most needed part in P2P software :)

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for unknown reason, the problem seems "start to be gone".

now the freeze only happen when i open torrent, or i start torrent. once it is start downloading, it is ok.

really for unknown reason...

since i didnt do anything to bitcomet

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I think the first step would to monitor cpu and memory usage when this occurs

also, does your entire o/s stop responding? or just that program?

If its just bit comet, then I think it might have a conflict with some of your resources, or could be a corrupt file its trying to use.

Have you tried to reinstall your bit comet?

That might be a good first test, since reinstall would be much less work then figuring out the problem and repairing.


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First, install BitComet 0.70. If you don't want to use 0.70 then use either 0.64 or 0.63.

Then use BitComet's setting to work with XP/Win2003. Set it between 5-8. I set mine to 5 because I use other software that doesn't structure their connections and it works fine.


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well not the 2 problems u mention above.

I just figured it out.

Everytime my bitcomet connect to tracker (the time for reconnecting to tracker), that is where lag. Not that every 5 second. but that i download many torrent at once so causing it to connect many tracker at once where all connect, freeze my computer.

Still dont know how to solve it, but I solve by only downloading 1 torrent at 1 time. As my speed is not high, and using tunneling, download 2 just make my speed slower. And mostly I only download 1 torrent.

Btw, please continue this topic.

How to solve lagging when tracker is connecting?

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I recommend to only run one torrent at a time, unless you have a good upload speed, like 1024 kb/s and above.

If your upload speed is low, then you will end up using all your upload bandwidth trying to keep multiple torrents running, and will cause your client respond to the tracker slowly, and you will not be sent your fair share of download data.

If you limit your upload, and its divided among multiple torrents, then the trackers are likely to make your data low priority.

It is also not nice to other peers to connect to them, and provide only a small amount of data, since they would be better off if you were not connected.

I'm sure everyone is going to have a different opinion, and I'm not saying you can never run more then one at a time, just that it is best for everyone that you don't run several


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Each time bittorrent does a scrape of a tracker, it's told how long to wait before doing another scrape, by the tracker. This is for each scrape, so it's also for each torrent.

If you're running multiple torrents, the odds against multiple scrapes happening at the same instant are very high. (Except, of course, at the start of the session.)

So if that were the problem, it should go away as soon as they all complete that initial scrape.

"Too many" torrents at once is heavily dependent on the speed of your connection, but a 1 Mb/s connection should be able to handle three or four with no trouble, more if they're small swarms. If it is overloaded, it should degrade a lot more gracefully than just freezing. You'd see lousy download rates, etc.

And if Azureus worked under the same circumstances, then you can rule that one out. So I think it's something else.

The one constructive suggestion I do offer is to uninstall ZoneAlarm. It's often not enough to disable it, you have to uninstall it. If you've got a router, then just use its firewall. If not, then use the built-in XP firewall if you're using XP. Otherwise, Kerio's got a free firewall.

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