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  4. So i'm in a similar position. I can download no problem at all, pretty quickly too, but torrents will not upload, will not connect to peers. At times on another client i've seen connections for a few seconds then dropped. But, i have an old file, that does, 1 single file that uploads at varying speeds. I've tried everything i can find in this forum, i've been through port forwarding 3 or 4 times, upnp on, upnp off, firewalls on, firewalls off. Nothing changes, except i am now DHT connected. Port is blocked, but in statistics of seed, the listening port is blocked, but only in TCP, in UDP its open. I added both to services manually but the TCP is rejected every time as "ip address does not exist" any help would be appreciated, just let me know what info you need comet v1.56 windows 10 X64 router - ASUS RT-AC1200G+
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  6. thanks for the reply cassie, turned LT seeding off, still something is being downloaded, only since updated to latest version.
  7. The last I heard was the website was up for sale (might have been sold by now) It was one of the very few torrent websites that had no p*** on it and very few fakes, their moderators were always on top of things like that, they had a very active forum as well When I was travelling I even met up with a couple of people in Australia and the US (you meet lots of people along Route 66) Never had the same connection in any other forum since 'the demon' has gone
  8. More info needed... Don't worry, we don't charge for extra typing..😉
  9. Have you got Long Term Seeding activated, perhaps?
  10. Hi! Yup, I've been using the "little devil" for ages...before its many 'close downs', afterwards (every time they've moved) and, up until quite recently... Of late, I have noticed that the servers and its web are both 'unreachable', so, who knows? Nobody else seems to know either, so I guess we're all in the same boat.
  11. Hola, Have just updated to latest BitComet version and noticed that it shows downloading when no files are actually being downloaded! What is it downloading?? thanks, mikeyj
  12. I just realize I posted a 6 year old thread, and seems like stupid after reading your post.
  13. Does Bitcomet available for Mac user? I have never tried that before but I do need it to download a few videos if the quality is stable after downloaded the video.
  14. Snipping tool has been/is being replaced by snip and sketch. Assuming the 'Mac User' bit refers to familiarity, and it is indeed windows 10 we're talking about. If Onedrive is signed in you can configure it to automatically save a screenshot direct to a file when the print screen key is pressed. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/save-screenshots-to-onedrive-automatically-d04df71c-1cb0-4ad6-9f9c-b08494d79d6a https://techloris.com/take-a-screenshot-in-windows-10/
  15. I have a PrtSc (Print Screen) button, As you mentioned 'Paint' I open paint and press Ctrl + V to paste it in. and I don't know where the file went. So try Pres Alt + PrtSc to take a screenshot of only the highlighted application.
  16. In keyboards I do have a Print Screen button, but do I have to download the snipping tools for that?
  17. I used to use Demonoid for a lot of my downloads, then one day it went down, both the website and the forums At first I thought it was a denial of service, but as time went on, it never came back up Despite various google searches I couldn't find out anything Does anyone know what happened to 'The Demon' / Has it now completely disappeared ? What happened to the owner ? Anyone else ever use 'The Demon' ?
  18. Hola, buenas noches. ¿Te refieres a que tú borras los archivos, una vez se han descargado, o que el programa, en si, los borra (sin tú decirle nada)? ¿Qué otro programa? ¿Instalaste otra versión de BitComet? ¿Cómo tienes el programa configurado (nostros no lo podemos saber, si no nos lo cuentas)? ................................. Hello, good evening. Do you mean to say that you erase/delete the files, once they've finished downloading, or that the actual program does it (without you telling it anything)? What other program? Did you install another version of BitComet? How have you configured the program (we can't know this, unless you tell us)?
  19. same thing happens to me wont let sign in
  20. After I installed the emule plugin, I can see not emule options. I'm using 1.56 and plugin 1.24a.
  21. Tengo Bit Comet 1.56 - 64 bit Luego que se borran los archivos ( que han bajado en su totalidad ) vuelve a bajar el mismo archivo otra vez Reinicie un nuevo programa y continua la misma falla , la configuracion es la misma de siempre y nunca ma habia pasado - Gracias Saludos Ernesto ................................. I have BitComet 1.56 - 64-bit After the files are erased (which have completely finished downloading), it downloads the same file again. I restarted a new program and the same error continues. The configuration is the same as always and it never happened to me before. Thank you. Greetings. Ernesto
  22. Thanks bro for sharing! I've been looking for this game on top1apk or other sites, but couldnt find out. Then, i found it here. Thanks a lot!
  23. Assuming that you obtained CometBird from the official page here, I can't guess what sort of problem you're having (you didn't explain anything specific)... I just tried it and it worked fine for me.
  24. Thanks a lot Rhubarb for the explanation. Appreciate it. I've also found an article about VPNs for anonymous torrent download here (in the end). They are all paid there and I think I'll try one. They are also saying there "traffic goes directly through your VPN and not through your ISP". Hopefully that will help.
  25. Print Screen just copies the screen dump to the clipboard. You need to open a graphics program (even the bundled 'Paint' app in W 10) and 'paste' it in there
  26. If it's just to access a blocked website, you could try the 'anonymox' plugin for firefox. Asi I said, this is for a website only as it severely limits the amount of data you can download. Opera also has a built in VPN but, again, website only. When it comes to the actual downloading of files via a torrent, your IP can be traced and reported to your ISP. If you use a VPN, all that your ISP will know is that you have been online and there has been data transfer but not what has been transferred. It's the 'watchers' who look to see who is downloading movies, etc and they report the IP number to the relevant ISP saying what and when that IP number had been sharing files. If they see an IP number that is geographically situated elsewhere, then that's where the report goes/
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