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  3. Dear BitComet Team I'd like to report a bug on the BitComet 1.57.0 for macOS, in the HTTP/FTP Batch download window, after I add the first and last file and they get listed, the checkbox next to the number of files CANNOT be ticked to activate the download buttons, making the Download Now / Download Later buttons inactive and cannot be clicked . You can see in the attached screenshot that I already added the range of files to be downloaded but the checkbox indicating 0/19 and cannot be clicked to add them at all. Also the download buttons are greyed out and cannot be clicked as well. I'm using mac Mini running macOS Mojave 10.14.5. Kindly rectify this bug ASAP . This is the first version of the app that I can run on my mac, all the previous versions were crashing all the time. I love BitComet since I was using Windows OS and I hope to continue using it, and this particular feature is very important to me. Thanks & Best Regards HDF1
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  5. It's a hidden file in c:\users\<your name>\appdata\roaming\bitcomet\fav You would neeed to set folder options to 'show hidden files and folders'
  6. I have read this thread and cant find fav_en_us.xml to add torrent sites. Any Ideas. Got the latest version 1.56 installed. Anyone got any Ideas?
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  8. The only difference 'rank' makes is in the number of long-term seedersyou can theoretically access. I use the word 'theoretically' as with my 'rank' of sovereign I am supposed to be able to access 98, but I've never seen that many to begin with. As a 'colonel' you are supposed to have access to 61 (but if you ever see that many it's a minor miracle) LOL Score is as it says - the number of points you accumulate and 'rank' is simply how many people there are ahead of you with higher scores It's all a bit of fun really - it doesn't get you any free beer
  9. Colonel, but what difference does it make anyway? And what's the difference between score and rank?
  10. The simple answeris that if you block the app from hearing, it doesn't receive responses from trackers or any downloading so it simply doesn't know what speed the otherperson is receiving at, so it slows things down. In a nutrshell, if a person is hearing impaired, you have to shout and even then you can't be sure if they actually heard and understood
  11. Hmmm. That's not what I asked. I just want to know, if my BitComet's listening port is blocked, in which I can't be a server. How badly my download/upload speed will decrease ? Because in the Wiki of BitComet, it mentions that it will hugely impact the download speed. I just want to know how and why in a technical perspective. But I' think I've found the answer somewhere else. So thank you for replying :).
  12. Did you set up port forwarding in the router? To do this successfully you will need to give the target computer a fixed intranet IP number(on the lines of 192.168.0.### if your routerhas a numberin that series). You will then have to add port forwarding (I use a block of ports) in the router itself and the port in bitcomet set to one of those.
  13. Quoted from the wiki of BitComet: http://wiki.bitcomet.com/add_port_mapping_in_nat_router http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_status_bar http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_options E.g. I can't not configure the outermost firewall, so the listening port used by BitComet is blocked, thus I can only be a client not a host. But how would it greatly slow down the download speed? I can still connect to all the other peers who can be a host as a client. Is it merely because I would lose those client peer connections if I can be a host? I am a programmer and interested in this problem. A technical explanation is ok and appreciated. Because now my ISP does not allow me to configure the outermost firewall, so if this affects the speed hugely, I would consider to choose another ISP who can give me a "real public ip"( I can configure the outermost firewall ).
  14. If it's only happening with one download, I would suspect the fault lies in the original seed
  15. Tiger player 6.2 cannot play sound when my sound card over 24bit 192, I am using my new sound blaster X G6, the sound card can support up to 32 bit 384K but Tiger player cannot play sound when over 24Bit 192K. When I need to watch the video, I need to downgrade my setting to 24bit 192 every time, and when I want to listen music, I need to switch back to 32bit 384K every time. Any solution?
  16. hi! as you see in the screen shot a data was downloaded (even more than the chosen files size) but the progress is zero and the space of the files on the Desk is 0 bytes! I check my service used data and it decreased. any solution to fix the problem \ to open the files?
  17. The same exact sitiation and I tried every thing here. no solution.
  18. If you have queued items, (files waiting to upload or download) there will be some activity as the contacts to the trackers will show as upload
  19. Hi right back ! Welcome to the forums! 😊
  20. So i'm in a similar position. I can download no problem at all, pretty quickly too, but torrents will not upload, will not connect to peers. At times on another client i've seen connections for a few seconds then dropped. But, i have an old file, that does, 1 single file that uploads at varying speeds. I've tried everything i can find in this forum, i've been through port forwarding 3 or 4 times, upnp on, upnp off, firewalls on, firewalls off. Nothing changes, except i am now DHT connected. Port is blocked, but in statistics of seed, the listening port is blocked, but only in TCP, in UDP its open. I added both to services manually but the TCP is rejected every time as "ip address does not exist" any help would be appreciated, just let me know what info you need comet v1.56 windows 10 X64 router - ASUS RT-AC1200G+
  21. thanks for the reply cassie, turned LT seeding off, still something is being downloaded, only since updated to latest version.
  22. The last I heard was the website was up for sale (might have been sold by now) It was one of the very few torrent websites that had no p*** on it and very few fakes, their moderators were always on top of things like that, they had a very active forum as well When I was travelling I even met up with a couple of people in Australia and the US (you meet lots of people along Route 66) Never had the same connection in any other forum since 'the demon' has gone
  23. More info needed... Don't worry, we don't charge for extra typing..😉
  24. Have you got Long Term Seeding activated, perhaps?
  25. Hi! Yup, I've been using the "little devil" for ages...before its many 'close downs', afterwards (every time they've moved) and, up until quite recently... Of late, I have noticed that the servers and its web are both 'unreachable', so, who knows? Nobody else seems to know either, so I guess we're all in the same boat.
  26. Hola, Have just updated to latest BitComet version and noticed that it shows downloading when no files are actually being downloaded! What is it downloading?? thanks, mikeyj
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