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  4. https://www.bitcomet.com/en/downloads Look for 'MacOS'
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  6. VIP hasn't been an option for quite a while now
  7. what happened to vip when you got 40.000 points
  8. Lao, you're answering a question asked a year ago (and the poster hasn't been back since)
  9. There will be upto 10 ". bak" files named "downloads(date of backup).xml.bak", just rename the one with the latest date to "downloads.xml" while bitcomet is shut down. Shutdown your PC, after few minutes, restart your PC. click on your bitcomet and all the task will be displayed. For windows 10 1. Enable the show hidden files, folders or drives 2. Locate downloads.xml.yyyymmdd in local disk (C:)>user>username>AppData>Roaming>BitComet> 3. Rename downloads.xml.yyyymmdd as downloads.xml 4. Shutdown the PC 5. Restart PC 6. Open Bitcomet and all tasks will be listed. This worked for me. Thanks
  10. You would need to obtain and restart the original torrent files with trackers.
  11. Newbie Question. Hi, I recently downloaded a few torrents and then my system crashed, so I had to install a fresh windows 10 and a new bittorrent, which means I lost all my settings and not able to let the programs be uploaded or seeded if that is the right word.. I would like to know how to relist (if thats the right word) the programs so that they can be uploaded again.
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  13. Please do NOT post (or request) torrent files here
  14. Please don't post commercial links
  15. Without a doubt, paid VPN are the best to opt for especially if you are into torrenting. Free VPNs have only 3 servers at max and they do not come with all the bells and whistles which a paid VPN comes with. Now which <hyperlink removed> to go for? I have a pleasant experience with Surfshark, not only its cheap but have all the features when compared to expensive ones. Plus downloading speeds never let me down.
  16. if anyone has torrent for lynda course Acrobat-9-tutorials_pro-essential-training please upload to forum thanks
  17. It's possible that you don't have a seed - just peers who didn't download the entire torrent
  18. Did you try making the .torrent file using BitComet itself? File > Make Torrent
  19. Hola, fernnanndoo, ¿nos puedes explicar exactmente los pasos que tomas (con todo lujo de detalles, a ser posible)? Gracias y un saludo. Hello, fernnanndoo, could you explain exactly what steps you follow (in as much detail as psossible)? Thanks and regards.
  20. Hola, buenas noches. Éste problema suele ocurrir cuando 'deseleccionas' (optas por no descargar) algún archivo pequeñito dentro del propio torrent. Es decir, si el conjunto del torrent incluye un archivo de "Léeme", por ejemplo, o una imagen de la carátula y tu optas por no descargarlo, lo único que reconoce BitComet es que a esa tarea todavía le falta "algo" para poder hacer un hashcheck (comprobación contrastada, contra el torrent completo original) y considerar la tarea "completa" (e idéntica) al 100%. Intenta detener la tarea, hacer un hashcheck manualmente y ver si, así, lo reconoce como100%. Si ésto no lo soluciona, intenta abrir el archivo descargado y mira a ver si tiene todo lo que esperabas que tuviese (a veces, en el caso de algunas películas, fucionan y pueden reproducirse sin problemas). No te olvides de volver aquí para contarnos cómo te ha ido. Un saludo. Good evening. This problem usually occurs when you "de-select" (opt not to download) a very small file within the torrent itself. What I mean is, if inside the torrent there is a small file titled "Read me", for example, or a picture of the cover and you decide that you don't want to download it, the only thing that BitComet recognises is that the task is still missing "something", in order to do a hashcheck (contrasted test, against the complete original torrent) and consider the task as being "complete" (and identical) 100%. Try stopping the task and running a manual hashcheck, and see if, this time, it recognises the task as being 100%. If this doesn't solve it, try opening the downloaded file and see if it contains everthing that you expected it to have (sometimes, in the case of some movies, they work and can be played without nay problems. Don't forget to come back here and tell us how it went. Regards.
  21. Don't look at me!... I've never 'eated' a hamster... 😝
  22. al poner la url de un video de yuotube me dise no reconocido, que estara mal si en la lista de extenciones esta todo permitido. gracias. ............................. Title: Good afternoon. How to play a YouTube URL - it doesn't recognise it. When I put the URL of a YouTube video, it tells me "not recognised". What could be wrong if, in the Extensions List everything is permitted? Thank you.
  23. Unless you're also using utorrent, you won't have the same problem However, can you connect with the VPN off (normally a few seconds of a cobnnection won't trigger any alarms). Ifthat still fails, there's a possibility that there just aren't any seeds - I've had files sitting for ages with a lot of peers but no seeds (presumably all the others had the same amount of data that I had)
  24. i am having same problem , the site says theres peers , but i cant connect to them , i am using avast vpn , and i still trying to use pirate bay for magnets , please help i just loooking for some old music .
  25. Welcome but please observe one simple rule. Do NOT use this forum to promote your business or post any form of advertising.
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