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Change URL for an ongoing task


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1) Version 1.09

2) EDGE Modem (around 150-180 kpbs)

3) USB EDGE Modem

4) NA

5) XP, Symantec

i download anime torrents from www.realitylapse.com ... but for each file they set a limited time within which that file can be downloaded... say for 2 hrs... after 2 hrs even if my download is 99%... the authentication is taken off and i again have to download the file again...

now... this problem can be solved if i can change the URL of the file i am downloading... say i have put a download and went to sleep... maybe at 50% the download stopped for some reason and i could not reset it... so in the morning i go to the site and i can get a new URL to download the same file... which will again start from 0%...

if somehow i can replace the URL in my already 50% downloaded file... the download will continue from that stage...

this is possible in one other download manager (the name i am not mentioning here)... but i do not want to use that coz i like bitcomet so much and have been using for the last 4 yrs...

so... any suggestions???

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You lost me there.

The url isn't IN the file you're downloading in the first place, so can't be replaced in the second.

You obviously mean something else, I just can't figure out what.

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If your talking about downloading torrents, then you can stop the torrent and do a manual rehash to restore it to it's current level of completion, but if your talking about direct downloads via http or ftp, then I think your going to have to follow the rules this site sets up for its queuing system.

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i did a duplicate post after finding out that i posted the first one in the wrong section... actually the problem i am facing is purely for direct download (and from a specific scenario at that), not torrents... so this post shouldnt be here...

i also PMed the first Tech Staff (kluelos) who replied my post... and also tried to delete the post here but could not...

anyways.. i think if it is posted in the right section... people can think the right way and i possible can have a solution...

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The problem with direct downloads is if the download fails, for any reason, the entire download is lost. This is why methods like bittorrent were created.

There have been attempts to resolve this shortcoming, like the ability to stop and resume a download, but this requires support from the server, so your file/s can be hash checked and only pieces that are incomplete can be downloaded again, however this technology cannot be implemented while using their authenticating process.

In order to have resume support, the entire file must be available to download unrestricted.

I don't believe your going to find a solution to this problem. The website that set this up most likely assumes the time limit is sufficient for any of their users to successfully download the entire file. If it is not, I suggest you contact them regarding this.

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