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Please add sorting feature in "trackers" section in "detailed info"


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I agree, as a tracker admin myself, I'd like to shoot people who add dozens of trackers that the uploader hasn't even registered with. All it does is cause thousand of peers to constantly hammer the tracker with unwanted connections.

If a torrent has a lot of trackers, simply remove the ones with connection errors. All you really need is one tracker, especially if all peers are using the torrent with all the trackers, then you get redundant peer lists.

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Removing the trackers

that is what I want..

Actually many of torrents i used had about 10-15 trackers and most of them are private so i want to remove those trackers which do not return me peers but finding one by one is pretty difficult so i need feature like sorting or grouping so that i can remove all of those together(time saving!!) Plz add it

It won't harm anyone and i think not much of coding would be needed to do that

It would be just another feature to add to the list!!

and The UnUsual Suspect which tracker's admin are you?

Is it a public or private tracker?

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There is a kind of ideal out there, that any table should be sortable/inverse sortable, by any field listed in it. (Click the field lable to sort on this field, click again to invert the sort).

I would like to see that implemented throughout the client, as nobody can foresee another's necessities with any accuracy.

Trackers alone, though, I don't see a need for. It's really no more difficult to run through the list unsorted, than sorted.

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Easiest thing to do is run your task for a while and see which trackers aren't connecting and delete em all. Seldom more than a page full so is fairly easy without sort. Click on one, ctrl-click the rest, right-click and choose Remove Tracker. Job Done :)



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And what is your job?

You want to sort them based on what?


By which column?

If this is YOUR post, making a request, does it really seem proper to you that WE have to pull out of you, the details of why, how and what you want?

The development team doesn't work so that they satisfy our every whim, just because we WANT it.

If you make a feature request, make sure it's detailed enough and that you present a strong motivation for it, so that it may seem convincing to them.

THEN, perhaps they'll consider it.

So far, you've only asked for something without explaining very well HOW you want it done, nor WHY.

Even if someone wanted to add something like this they would have to read your mind first.

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I'd like to request a feature that reaches out and smacks the user in the face when they add useless and redundant trackers to a torrent... now that would be a useful feature :)

ps. sorting trackers shouldn't be necessary, but since there are so many idiots making torrents, maybe they will do as you requested, but I wouldn't expect it to be done anytime soon(if at all) being the team has functional issues that require their attention.

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In batch downloading, you can specify a beginning and ending number and it will attempt to download them with all numbers inbetween, but if you have files with random alphanumeric names, it would be far to much resources to have bitcomet download every possible name. The possible file names would be billions if not trillions and to even attempt this would crash even the fastest computer.

In other words, you can add file0001.pdf to file0100.pdf, and it will download any of these 100 files that exist. This is a very handy option.

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