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I searched on the forum for threads which could describe my issue,but could not find none,so I started this,so sorry if it's not in the exact spot it should be .Basically,are the servers offline?I can't login in BitComet 1.29 x64,only in my browser(firefox 7.01).Bitcomet website(http://www.bitcomet.com) isn't available. .Bitcomet wiki is also offline.The connection ports are open in my router and in windows firewall.I don't know if this issue is caused by my browser of bitcomet servers are actuallly offline.Here is a screenshot:


My OS is Windows 7 Home Basic x64.

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I don't think it's his connection.

Yesterday my client couldn't sign in into CometID either, neither could I access the BitComet Wiki site. I could still open the BitComet site.

Today, the situation persists except I can't access the BitComet site any longer, either. :rolleyes:

Not that I care much about signing into CometID but right now neither the BitComet site or the BitComet Wiki are accessible from my IP.

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Yep, but at this point I'm inclined to think it's some weird problem with my computer because I've tested further with Wireshark and there isn't any TCP packet going to the destination address when I input the IP of the www.bitcomet.com site in any of my browsers.

I can ping though both IPs and the HTTP server of www.bitcomet.com responds to a telnet connection attempt.

So, at this point I'm kinda confused.

The IP of the Wiki returns some version of the homepage in Chinese, after waiting quite a long while, so for the second IP at least there is some communication between my PC and the server.

Right now, I think I need to debug my PC. :rolleyes:

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All systems go again

I believe it was just a matter of the DNS update spreading across all areas. I've always seemed to get the updates before the rest of the world, so by now everyone should be able to login and use the websites.

If anyone still has a problem, reply here and we'll look into it.

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Thanks for the answers guy,but it's working right now.I guess my issue was caused by incorrect settings in wi-fi connnection.I have two adapters,one wireless and the other cabled.I had to deactivate one of them,and now it's woring great(perharps the servers were actually off too,however atm I'm able to login flawlessly or access any of bitcomet domains).

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