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being blocked by my web provider

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Most likely your provider is receiving letters from copyright holders who collected to you on a torrent and logged you IP address. You can use a program to filter known hostile IP addresses, such as peerblock or peer guardian, however they will require some adjustment to work with comet ID

BitComet also has an anonymous download option for all vip members, this can prevent all peer connections and the vip servers will get the files for you and send them direct, however it is still in development and it may be a while before it's deemed stable.

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A third-party solution would be a VPN proxy such as IPredator, BTGuard and others of the kind.

You'll have to do your own search and decide on which one is the best for you, since I haven't used any of them.

The thing is all of them require a monthly subscription (duh!), but not a very costly one.

Another solution along the same lines might be a seedbox... which also requires payment.

Or you could subscribe for a SSL encrypted Usenet account and give up on BitTorrent altogether.

Or you could get smart about what, when and how you download.

You see? There are plenty of solutions... ;)

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there are different ways to hide your torrent activity.

You can try PirateRay to encrypt and secure your connections with proxy+SSH tunneling with random selection of the servers in different parts of the world and stay anonymous.

It's compatible with any torrent client (utorrent, Vuze, etc). And they have good customer support service.

Anyway, you need to realize that nothing will provide 100% protection. Be careful.

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