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Ok so i have a strange problem on my bitcomet ... I am using a privatetracker from last 3-4years and never had this issue ... nor my username is blocked or something on that site .... Whenever i try to download any torrent from that particular site i get a 10060 error and i don't get any speed .... other private tracker and free torrents are working fine without any issue .... Talked with that particular site admin and he says nor my id is blocked and no1 expect me has such a issue ...i have tried other torrent and it's not working either .... i have tried the same user id to download from my friends house and it was working without any issue .... So something from my pc is blocking it to download .... what can it be ? Need help

I have not changed any settings on my network or my pc from last 6-7months and i am using a Netgear router

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