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Torrent Download is just a file


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So here is my problem, i downloaded a movie torrent via magnet link and when i completely finish the download. I go to the download folder to play the movie and I see that my movie file is just named "file". It almost looks like a white blank sheet as a icon. Can anyone help me out. P.S i done this with multiple movie files and got the same result.

Thank You

Info: (Using)

Windows 7 64bit

Bitcomet (64-bit) 1.35

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Im sorry but i have no idea what you mean by that or even how to change that. I would also like to add this problem i am having happens randomly. Also, i can play the movie file on my computer, but i am saying this is a problem because when i take the file off my computer and try to play it somewhere else. It wont read as a media file.

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In Bitcomet, stop the file and 'rename' and just add '.avi' to the end of the filename (without the quotes). In Windows, you nweed to set view files to show extensions and then add it there if that's how you prefer it

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You are using an old version, this was fixed in 1.37 as noted in the release notes...

GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of missing file extension name when start download by Magnet URI

I recommend you install version 1.41, as the current version 1.42 has an unrelated bug.

Also, if you want to manually add the file extension, make sure you add the correct one for the file to be handled properly. The site that hosted the torrent should have a file list so you can confirm what the file extension should be.

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