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Because torrents are often used to download legitimate content (for example, an ISO file for a Linux distribution), I want to help you out with a list of torrent trackers. You should add these torrent trackers to your torrent. By adding these trackers, more peers and seeders can be discovered, effectively increasing the potential download speeds of your torrent download. you can get more information from <deleted> can tell U how to watch torrent and compress torrent size. Good luck man!

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On 30/8/2017 at 8:48 PM, demomantwo said:

I have been using Bit Comet for a few months and I need some new trackers. I've tried searching for public and private with no success. The the 256 trackers I have are no good. Could someone either help me with some new trackers or invite me to private trackers?


As far as I know, adding your own tracker lists to a downloading task will not help you much as, the original torrent has to be uploaded/registered to a specific tracker site (one that the original uploader has chosen, not you)... By simply adding more trackers that might not have the torrent registered with them, you will just be pounding those particular trackers for information that they don't have-->making them get very upset-->eventually block you/your client... Not a great idea, in my opinion.

Being invited to a private site, however, is a completely different issue. Once you are invited by Member A to a private site, not only are you responsible for keeping your ratio to the site's minimum, but if you don't act as a bona fide member, you can (and will) get yourself banned as well as Member A...something that long-standing members are not usually willing to risk, if they don't know you personally or are a "recent acquaintance".

Put yourself in their shoes... would you light-handedly risk your own good, hard-earned reputation at that site, if you didn't know the new member very well?

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Speaking as someone who has run many trackers, both public and private, I can tell you we'd all like to shoot the person who started the rumers that it's a good idea to add random trackers to a torrent as all this does is to cripple the torrent trackers when they get millions of hits from unregistered torrents. 

I have spent countless hours blocking people who do this because it harms us all.


Don't add trackers, and if you get a torrent with a long list of trackers, remove them all except for one or two that are working.

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