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Streets of Fire


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I apologize if this isn't the right place to do this but I'm new to this site so bare with me. I downloaded a movie from 1984 called Streets of Fire. It was an mkv file that I converted to an MP4 using an application called AnyVideo Converter HD. The converted file plays fine on my laptop but when I put it on a flashdrive to play through my PS3 on my tv it plays sped up with no sound. I have experienced this issue before and I'm just looking for suggestions on how to fix this problem. I'm sure the answer is right under my nose but I'm totally out of it with this kind of thing. 

Thank you!

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What program are you using to play media on the PC?

I use VLC, which can handle any format and it can also record an AV file to a different format if you want.

However, you may find that the problem isn't with the file but with the PlayStation ability to handle files

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.mkv is simply a "container" used to hold video/audio files, and are usually already in mpeg4 encoding. If your ps3 won't play the files try copying the video to a new location and change the file name from file.mkv to file.mp4 and see if it plays like that. There may not be a need to convert.

If it is necessary to convert (re-encode) the video in order to play on a ps3, then you may want to post this inquiry in the conversion software forum or tech support, as this isn't a bitcomet issue. Once the file is downloaded, bitcomet's job is done.  You can also look for another torrent that has video in a ps3 compatible format.

Also understand that ps3 is not the ideal player to use as it has digital rights management software embedded that could cause problems. Perhaps getting a digital video player instead?  I haven't kept up with which is best this year, but western digital Live TV was a good one that plays virtually anything, and several other products are available that will play mkv and other file formats without conversion. ps3 is good for playing games, not so much as playing video in open source formats like mkv.

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