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bitcomet is cutting my internet connection

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before i was using a 1 mbps internet connection and there were no problems when i launched bitcomet. after that i upgraded to a 500 mbps internet connection and new routers were installed. after that a weird problem started

whenever i launch bitcomet to start downloading a torrent the internet will cut in the whole house for a bit. when peers are found and the download starts then the internet comes back

how do i stop bitcomet from cutting the internet when i launch the program and it's looking for peers?

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That is more an issue with your iSP than with Bit Comet.

While BC itself may cut out, it simply can't affect every other computer in the house. It's possible your ISP is causing that to happen  - does it happen with a VPN (or conversely, if you have one, running without it)?

Also check that you are using static IP on the intranet (local network) with a pre-allocated port in the high figures

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i solved the problem. the fault is with the DHT network. if it's enabled then it will cause the internet in the whole house to cut when i launch bitcomet and it's looking for peers. i disabled DHT network in the bitcomet settings and the problem went away

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By disabling DHT you are limiting the number of possible peers. It works something like your phone...

When DHT is disabled, you will only connect to those peers that you have initially called and have replied.

 When DHT is enabed, however, it's the other peers who initiate the call (towards you) and offer you their bits.

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I am experiencing the exact same problem here. I am using bitcomet for 10+ years and never had this issue.

The problem started after one of the upgrades. Sadly I don't recall which version (but it was a long time ago).


I start bitcomet and my internet hangs for anything between 30 sec to several minutes (on all devices in the house WIFI + LAN, including the pc that I'm running bitcomet on ! The only thing that is not affected visibly is digital TV).

I'm on version 1.82 at the moment, but the problem persists for a while (different versions of bitcomet). The internet icon in the windows task bar (right, bottom of screen) also changes to 'no internet connection'. After that my internet reacts again and works normal even with bitcomet open.

It looks that while bitcomet is starting up it "chokes" my router in some way.

I also did a test starting bitcomet with no tasks loaded in the main screen and with no data in the download folder (simulating NO upload and NO download connectivity). I still get the same problem !

This is NOT computer hardware or software related (I have the same problem on different PC hardware builds and after full C format + reinstall)

I am using a standard modem/router from my provider. My current plan includes 100Mbps DOWNload and 20 Mbps UPload.


Anybody found a solution for this (besides the DHT option as suggested above) ?

I would like to investigate/solve this with support from bitcomet.


EDIT: after reading some more I seems like it has something to do with the default value for DHT which is 1000 magnet files.
If you click with right mouse button on "DHT Torrents" you can change the value. 1000 is the minimum value however... (you can find it in the left menu on the main screen under "Torrent exchange")



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