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Out of memory??


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I'm not sure what you are referring to when you check and had 653mb left.

Also, is windows giving you this out of memory message? or bit comet?

I'm not sure if you are referring to your ram memory? or disc space?

Please be more specific in your question so we can help you better.


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I have been running bit comet V0.70 for a few week & it has never encounter this problem. Bitcomet gives me this pop up [Out of memory.] a few days ago. After clicking ok it will pop up again after a few second & i have to close bitcomet & run it again & get the same pop up messsage. I checked my hard disk space & it has 5GB left & the memory has 653mb left (i have a 2x512mb ram). So please tell me if you have any idea whats going wrong & how to fix it. Thanks

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I have brought the matter to the attention of our admin/s, so hopefully we can find exactly what it is referring to.

In the mean time, I suggest you increase your "virtual memory" allotment.

right click on "my computer" then select "properties"

click on "advanced" tab, then under "performance" click on "settings"

again click on "advanced" tab and at the bottom under "virtual memory" click on "change"

click the "custom size" and you can enter an Intial size, and a maxium size.

I suggest you set the initial size to 1x to 2x the amount of ram, and the max size to 3-4x the amount of ram.

Please keep in mind that virtual memory uses hard disc space to store memory usage, so will reduce the avaible hard disc space.

It is also best to defrag your hard drive, so all your virtual memory is located in same area on your drive.


ps. This procedure is for WinXp pro, other windows versions should be simular if not exactly the same.

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BitCometBeta can be found at this page:



Improve the upload strategy

Fix the bug that HTTP protocol processing may cause crash

May fix the "Out of memory" error


Fix the bug that the file progress can not update

Fix the bug that the connection limit per task do not work

Crash Report can capture "Out of memory" error

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Regarding beta versions, we rely on our beta testers to try out our new versions in attempt to make them problem free for our users.

If you want to try out a beta vesion, feel free to do so, but I would suggest downloading a current "stable" version, or perhaps a previous version if you still have problems


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