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Why does Bitcomet make a outgoing connection to on every startup?


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I have options for welcome page, welcome page url, dht, check for updates on startup, open url inside Bitcomet all disabled, but Bitcomet still connects to on every startup even without any torrent files activity. The activity pane is absolutely empty. So why does Bitcomet make this outgoing connection? Anyway to stop this? I am using version 0.70.

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Good thinking Dark Shroud...

I think it is likely that your system is infected with virus, addware, spyware or malware of some kind.

I would still like to hear what our admins have to say about this, but if its not a registered ip address of bit comet, then something in your system is reporting to someone, somewhere. Of what, I have no idea, but perhaps your browsing history.

You might want to check if other programs connect to this ip address as well.

Although it would be best to fix this at the source, one option would be to add this ip address to be blocked by a program like peer guardian.


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Thanks Don for forwarding this to me.

No to our knowledge, we don't force any BitComet client user to directly connect to an outside IP, even when it checks for updates. But then again, you already stated that you disabled the function of the client checking for updates.

All that it does do is just connect to our main site for version updates. Still that's slightly weird...

Did you download BitComet from our official mirrors/sites?

Our recommendation to you is to uninstall this version of BitComet immediately as well as the .exe setup you used to initiate the installation process. Please go to www.bitcomet.com for an official release of the 0.70 client.

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Hi. :D Thanks for the replies. I downloaded this copy of Bitcomet from download.com which was redirected from the official Bitcomet website. I uninstalled Bitcomet, downloaded another copy from Bitcomet.com, same thing happens. This only happens when I start up Bitcomet. Of course I have removed any other Bitcomet firewall rules in order to detect this.

Message from my firewall

28/Aug/2006 19:04:23 Blocked; Out TCP; localhost:1264->; Owner: C:\PROGRAM FILES\BITCOMET\BITCOMET.EXE

Did a whois of this ip: Apparently it originates from China.

inetnum: -

netname: UNICOM

descr: China United Telecommunications Corporation

descr: No.133,Taiyun Building,Xidan North Street

descr: Xicheng District,Beijing,China

country: CN

admin-c: UCH1-AP

tech-c: UCH1-AP

mnt-by: APNIC-HM



changed: **********@apnic.net 20041203

source: APNIC

My curiousity got better of me, what exactly is this connection for? I'm going to download another copy of Bitcomet and install it on a clean re-formatted hard disk. I'll see if the same thing comes up. Thanks for all the replies. :D

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Hi. I realised that toplist.bitcomet.com has an ip of Which is of close proximity to So this is most probably a bitcomet ip. There's a link in the bitcomet client on the left side ( in the place of the paypal logo) which points to toplist.bitcomet.com when I click on it. Could this be the reason for the connection? But still doesn't explain why there's a connection to

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