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My Torrent Ratio won't go up! :(

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I am on a private torrent site and my torrent ratio will no go up no matter how much i see i have been seeding for weeks! it won't budge? am i not connected to something or something?? I have little idea of how torrent private sites work so anything you think might be wrong probably is besides the fact that i am registered on a torrent site, am using the allowed torrent client and am seeding like crazy. I have been through this in other private torrent sites and always get kicked out because i can not keep a good ratio, but its not my fault :( i just want to get going in the torrent community but no one will help me and they always bash me. I could really use some help figuring this out. Thanks?

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In order to upload on a torrent, there must be other peers that are downloading. A private torrent site counts on it's members to seed torrents long term, so they will continue to be active. Sometimes you may be seeding a torrent for a very long time and no one downloads it so it does nothing at all, but there is no harm to you, a task that is seeding and not uploading uses almost no resources at all.

The best way to maintain a good ratio and a good reputation on a private tracker is to seed all their torrents for a long time. You could have many seeding and you will see one or two of them starting to upload every so often. Even if they don't upload, the trackers staff will see that your seeding and will know your trying.

Also, many private trackers give bonus points as reward for seeding. They can be used to purchase upload credit to help your ratio. Most also have certain torrents that are "free-leech", which means only your upload is tracked, so the download wont effect your ratio.

It's also important to have an open listening port. If you don't, a new peer joining a torrent won't be able to connect to you unless you initiate the connection, and by the time you do, that peer most likely has all the connections it can handle and will not accept the connection.

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This is an often-misunderstood point (I find), so let me go over it again in some detail.

It's frequently the case that a private torrent will have thirty seeders eager to boost their ratios, all wishing for SOMEbody to ask them for a byte or two, and no leechers taking anything. The guy who invented bittorrent predicted exactly that situation upon learning of the private-site idea.

It's worse, if the site automatically deletes torrents after 30 days or so. You can spend days trying to seed, getting nowhere, then having the torrent cut out from under you.

That's kinda dumb, so some sites do something about it. They give you credit for the time that you spend being available to seed, whether anyone is actually downloading from you or not. This rewards you for keeping the torrent available, which is what the site wants, so that if somebody DOES come along and does want this torrent you're right there seeding it to them.

Try to find private sites that have something like this.

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Hy guys! I have an good program witch help me to maintain the ratio... If you are interested look at the

*link removed by staff*

It's free and easy to use!

These cheating programs are the scourge of p2p. Not only are you stealing from those who give to you freely, you'll also get yourself banned from any tracker you try to use that on, just as you got yourself banned from posting in our forum.

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To my experience its nearly impossible to keep a ratio on a private tracker.  I am a big downloader, and my torrent is open  24h a day 7 days on 7.   I have opened accounts on a lot of private trackers out there.  The only way it works, is to download the popular series exactly when they are out.  Which is the exact same bullshit as watching it on tv,  you need an exact schedule.  If game of thrones is at 9 on hbo,  you need to be on the torrent at 10h15 max to seed it.   Otherwise you wont keep a ratio and you'll just close one account after the other.   

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The 'ratio' is the amount of data transferred compared to the original download. A value in the sharing column of '4' means you have sent 4 times the amount of data in the original download (4:1)

By the way, it's always best to start a new topic for questions - not attach it to one from eight years ago.

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On 2/24/2020 at 3:26 PM, hayvtv said:

I think you can find more answers by searching on google

Actually, your best bet is to ask in the private torrent site itself. Often, they will gladly give you tips on reaching and/or maintaining your ratio in good standing.

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