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recently i downloaded Forefox 18 and installed Bitcomet, but when i try to download any file bitcomet doesn't start the downloads (all downloads are done by firefox). Is it a compatibility problem or something else ?

i get this error when i try to download iso file:


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Until bitcomet is updated you will need to stick with a supported browser and firefox has been updating often so there will always be a lag time when the latest version isn't supported. You can use one of the long term supported firefox versions instead of getting the latest, or you can wait for a bitcomet update before updating firefox, or you can use a different download manager for http/ftp tasks.

Another option is to copy the link for the download directly to bitcomet and open a new task, it's more work, but you can bypass your browser completely and download the files.

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If you wait a couple of months I've heard they'll release Firefox 250 which is said to be the final version that was prophesied on the Mayan pyramids to be the one that will need no more weekly updates and which will finally run unchanged and unbroken for 1000 years !

That way every other developer will finally catch their breaths and actually get to do some useful work, instead of keeping up with updating add-ons like madmen. :ph34r:

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