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False Member Representation

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ZYX (Member?) is advertising the use of a USERNAME and PASSWORD to further his rank standing. It is using dishonesty by having others do this. In light of this information, it is suggested that ZYX be suspended or banned from using BitComet in relation to this DISHONESTY! Those of us, that use honesty in posting comments and the proper use of common sense, feel that people like this are lazy and may be dishonest in other ways. :angry:

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I'm sorry but your posts are making increasingly less and less sense, but if you're worried about someone cheating on their rank it would be difficult because you can only record stats from one location, if you use your account from 2 or more locations only one will be counted, plus you are limited to 120 points per day which is pretty easy for one person to obtain so the situation you describe is not possible... assuming I understand you.

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what yacuza is trying to say

in the comments(which is next to the start page) when you are downloading a film the user name is mr DenHarrow but it was 3 years ago

the film was terminal 720p from yify


On ‎10‎/‎04‎/‎2015 at 10:53 AM, Yacuza said:



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