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BitComet freezes when I simply highlight one particular torrent. It's weird.

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Yeah, so basically, I've got several torrent files in various stages of completion on BitComet. I can click on and manipulate them all, left click to highlight, right clickand do whatever...

Except for one certain torrent file. This time it was a NES emulator torrent. A few months ago this happened with some other random torrent. It doesn't appear to matter what type of torrent, or where it came from, etc. What seems to be the only criteria is that it's the most important torrent TO ME, at the time.

Isn't that funny?

Here's a link to a video of BitComet randomly freezing just on one particular torrent file. I didn't even try to do anything to it, but left-click one time:

So, why would this be happening? And how do I fix? I'm using the latest version of BitComet. It happened last night with an older version, so I updated it to try to remedy the issue, but no go.

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My guess is that either there is a problem with the harddrive or file system where the data for that torrent is stored, or perhaps it's a larger torrent and the ram used for it is running in "swap", or "virtual memory", or if your computer has plenty of ram memory you might try increasing your cache size to prevent disc overload which could also cause this type of problem.

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Well hi there! It's funny that this post came up in a Google search for the same issue I had back in December 2015. I was reading the post and didn't even realize that it was me who'd originally written it. My wife was reading it with me and said, "Boy, that guy sounds just like you!" And then, sure enough, it was me!

Whatever. I thought it was funny.

Anyway, so it's been quite a while since I cleaned out my old torrent tasks and I've got them all removed, except for one. The same one that plagued me back in December '15. Simply highlighting this file completely freezes BitComet and I have to end the program in Task Manager.

The hard drive (more specifically, a newer SSD) is just fine. It's not a large torrent, weighing in at 2.6 gigs, and I've got 16g of RAM.

As I was writing this response, BitComet decided to return to normal and I was able to excise the demon. Apparently I'm just impatient?

Is there an option, like a button or menu selection, where I can automatically delete all the old torrents? And is there an option whereby after a certain, set amount of time seeding a file, it will remove itself from the list?

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After you shut down BitComet you can delete the "downloads.xml" file, it's location can vary depending on your windows versions, settings, and bitcomet version history so I can't tell you exactly where it's located but the odds are if you copy %appdata% into the address bar of a folder and have a relatively fresh new install on a windows version vista or newer, that should point you in the right direction. If you want to understand exactly how windows determines where to put this file there is a topic on wiki.bitcomet.com that explains it in great detail.

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Hi, i have just the same problem. I can download and move, highlight etc. every torrent but one just hangs whole app. Can't delete it, can't download it. How to manage with it without deleting other torrents. Probably i should delete file which saves actual download list, but tell me what it's the file and where is it ?

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