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Have been caught using torrents..how is it possible?


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Hi all, im sorry if this is a very noOb question but im a noOb at this..

A few days ago i downloaded a file from torrent box, yesterday i received a mail from my ISP saying that a 3rd identity had made a complaint to them about one of their IP (mine) downloading a file that specific day..a movie from torrentbox, the complaint came from NBC.

My ISP basicly told me if so, to remove them or they would suspend my account.

What i whant t know is how they knew? Spyware on my pc? torrentbox being monitored? trojan´s, how?

How can i protect myself from this?

thank u all from the time taken reading this,


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Peer Guardian is good because it prevents blocked others from communicating with you. But that will not affect your ISP monitoring your connection. So it's not enough/doesn't address the problem.

Nothing will prevent monitoring. Encryption will prevent anyone from knowing what the traffic consists of. That's generally enough to make an ISP happy, since they resent being unpaid enforcers for MPAA in the first place.

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Hi all, thanks for the replays, well iv installed Zone Alarm Pro and Peer Guardian 2.

But the thing is, NBC sent my ISP a letter..complaining about an IP (mine) that had downloaded a torrent from torrentbox, how can they have done that? i mean, know that? isnt my ISP the only one that can monitor my traffic? and btw, Bitcomet is always with the encryptation enabled so..how was this possible? how could they know?

Cheers to u all!

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It might not be the best, but still, i wonder how the

Internet Anti-Piracy Team,

Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations

could monitor my traffic?? from a site, that, suposly bitcomet could encrypt the data? right?

i dont understand how


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This is very easy for them, they download the torrent themself, and record all the ip addresses that are downloading it.

I suggest you not reply to the email (they prob send a very lot of these, and most don't reply)

Also, since nbc was also downloading it, and uploading as well, and if they own the rights to these files, then this makes the download legit, as they are helping to distribute it hehe...

Believe me they are aware of this legal loophole that could really byte them in the a$$

I assure you they do NOT want to test this in a court of law, so unless some legal precident is set, they will focus all criminal cases towards the person who orignally uploads their copy of the movie/software etc.

They have been known to start "harassment" civil suits, most of which they don't want to go to trial, just hoping to get them in the paper, to scare people, then settle with an appology or such later.



1 Movie stars spending $10,000 a night for a hotel room every night, movie execs making even more... while crying they aren't making any money.

2 People selling bootleg movies on the streets of every city.

3 or nice honest folk just watching stuff in private..

Three types of crooks, which should do the jail time... 1,2 or 3

according to me? 1 and 2

according to Mpaa? 3

(additional comment censored) <--- this is a "G" rated forum... hehehe

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<sigh> -_- Lets go through this in steps.

  • BitTorrent was never designed with privacy in mind as its ment to be a legal distribution system.
  • So, no matter what you do anyone connected to the swarm can see your IP.
  • If your connection uses DHCP like mine, reset it and never agknowledge those letters, because they have to prove it.
  • Software firewall(s) to use - McAfee Personal (set on tight) or Kerio Free.
  • Run Peer Guardian with these 3 lists - p2p, ads, & spyware. Use the ones from Peer Guardian, stay away from bluetack.
  • Set BitComet's encryption to always if you're worried about them looking at BitTorrent traffic.

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  • 3 years later...

on the forum it shows how to encrypt the ip address but it's from 2006 and bit comet doesn't seem to have the same option to set up the encryption. Or I just haven't been able to find it yet. I also received a letter from Road Runner saying they believed I was pirating materials, they blocked my internet usage until I answered the question about whether or not I was pirating. I said I wasn't and that was it...so far.

I wonder if they check your uploading rate or whether they just look at your download amount? Anyhoo I'd like to figure out how to encrypt my ip so I can avoid harassment and trouble!



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This thread is three years old, so it may be good to correct some things.

First, encryption does not noticeably slow your system unless it's very old and slow indeed -- about 10 years old and a lot slower than 1 GHz.

None of us including DS, still recommend using PeerGuardian. Its protection is trivial to bypass, and any corporate spy would be embarrassed to be slowed down by it. Blocklists generally, whether manual or automated, are a good-sounding idea that hadn't been thought through very far at all. They're wasted time and resources generally, and create problems without adding any protection.

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