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Dear members,

The new account system, CometID has been integrated with the forum, please read the following instruction carefully if you have difficulties/inquires regard to this new account system.

1. If you have not registered in this forum before:

a. You can login with your CometID account, which was also known as Comet Passport.

b. You can login with your social network account, namely Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

c. Or you can register for a CometID account now from http://www.cometid.com/passport/register

2. If you have registered in this forum before and you would like to login with that account:

a. If the email you used to register for the forum account is the same as the one you used to register CometID, you can just insert the email instead of username to login.

b. If the email you used to register for the forum account is the same as the one you used to register your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Twitter account, you can insert the email instead username to login.

c. If the email you used to register for the forum account is different from the accounts mentioned above, or you don't hold any of these social accounts; please go to http://www.cometid.com/passport/register to register for a CometID account with the email you used during the registration of your forum account.

3. If you have registered in this forum before and you would not like to login with that account:

a. Please login with CometID or social network which was registered with a different email from your forum account.

Any comments, questions, and feedback are welcomed, please post them here.

If you have any problem with your account, please visit our account system site.


The BitComet Team

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There is a bug that as just announced was corrected in the new beta version, but we have no idea if this applies to you because you haven't provided the basic info.

GUI Bugfix: percent of score bar for CometID level up displays invalid for level 50+ (v1.22)
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Sorry for not supplying the basic info

I'm using 1.22 and as you say, the basic score info is in the bottom left hand corner but, before when you signed into Cometid you were able to see what all the different ranks were and what points were required to obtain the listed ranks.

Now when you sign in to Cometid, all you get is your daily points score with the ability to check on how you've accumulated the points over the past days/months etc but I can't see where the rank list has been moved to.



PS At present I'm a Lieutenant Colonel with 13949 points. What I'd like to know is, what is the next rank and how many points do I need to get it?

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Hi Bruce, please open your BitComet, go to Help -> BitComet Help, it will direct you to the BitComet wiki, you will then find Comet Passport at the bottom of the page, click on it and you will see the list.

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Hi BitComet,

Thank you for all your hard work!

I have just upgraded my BitComet version to 1.22 and this version can't log me onto BitComet at all.

I have used the right user name and password, this has been verified by logging on to CometID / CometPassport without any problems.

It says my password must be between 6-20 digits. I am using the right password without any luck and I have even tried changing my password for a new one, which has no effect either.

This is a big problem for me as without being logged in all my progress has been lost. THis week I was supposed to be promoted to Major General which openned up an additional port for me.

Please Help

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... supposed to be promoted to Major General which openned up an additional port for me.

What? No, it won't ever open up an additional port under any circumstances, nor is one needed, nor would that be helpful or increase your speed, nor could that be done other than by an operator sitting at your own machine. What are you talking about?

You say the current version is the cause of your woes. Have you tried reverting to the last known working version, and does it continue to work for you?

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Hi Kluelos,

Ok, clearly I am on the wrong planet here in my thinking. Below I have inserted ranking on BitComet, which might help me explain myself better. When you rank up in score on some specific rank ups like Recruit to Private for example your Max Resources raises from 41 to 42. How does that help us? Am I correct in saying when you rank up BitComet gives you more of their resources, which help your download and upload speed improve? This was my thinking behind my earlier statement. I thought the hole purpose of getting to General and this points system was away that BitComet could reward the people that support BitComet the most? Maybe you could clarify the issue better please.

As for my earlier problem (I managed to fix it) I tried installing earlier versions which did not help my login problem. I was entering my right user name and password and there was an error that kept saying "password must be between 6-20 characters" now I would click my mouse on the username and place my username in, after that I would push my tab button and write my password down (however here was the catch) after pushing the tab button and writing the password nothing would appear so I would click on the password with my mouse and write it again and then you would see the digits clearly. Then the error message would appear. Even if you click on the username directly write the username in and directly click on password and write it in then (still error message would appear). How I got it to work was click the mouse on the username and write the user name in and press tab button and write your password in even if you can't see the characters and press enter and it works fine then. The next time you login in your username and password is saved so you don't need to bother next time.

I hope this helps anyone with the same issue.

Ranking Score Title Max Resources

1 0 Recruit 41

2 300 Private 42

3 600 Corporal 43

4 1000 Sergeant 44

5 1500 Staff Sergeant 45

6 2100 Second Lieutenant 46

7 2800 Second Lieutenant 46

8 3600 Lieutenant 47

9 4500 Lieutenant 47

10 5500 Captain 48

11 6600 Captain 48

12 7800 Captain 48

13 9100 Major 49

14 10500 Major 49

15 12000 Major 49

16 13600 Lieutenant Colonel 50

17 15300 Lieutenant Colonel 50

18 17100 Lieutenant Colonel 50

19 19000 Lieutenant Colonel 50

20 21000 Colonel 51

21 23100 Colonel 51

22 25300 Colonel 51

23 27600 Colonel 51

24 30000 Colonel 51

25 32500 Senior Colonel 52

26 35100 Senior Colonel 52

27 37800 Senior Colonel 52

28 40600 Senior Colonel 52

29 43500 Senior Colonel 52

30 46500 Major General 53

31 49600 Major General 53

32 52800 Major General 53

33 56100 Major General 53

34 59500 Major General 53

35 63000 Major General 53

36 66600 Lieutenant General 54

37 70300 Lieutenant General 54

38 74100 Lieutenant General 54

39 78000 Lieutenant General 54

40 82000 Lieutenant General 54

41 86100 Lieutenant General 54

42 90300 General 55

43 94800 General 55

44 99000 General 55

45 103500 General 55

46 108100 General 55

47 112800 General 55

48 117600 Marshal 56

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Will you, yourself, actually see a significant increase in the speed of your average download if you have a higher rank?

No, probably not. But if

  • you have have unused downstream bandwidth (which is what lt seeding tries to fill)
  • you have ENOUGH unused bandwidth that filling it would make a discernible speed difference, and which you can't fill by configuring/operating BC better
  • there are many others downloading that same torrent
  • who are late-version Bitcomet users
  • who have LT seeding enabled

then the issue of your rank enters into things and you might see better speed for this torrent.

Come to that, here's something I don't know: does LT seeding happen all the while BC is downloading, or does it only happen when BC is seeding? If the latter then add " - who are currently seeding" to the above condition-set.

Seeding is a flood, the main draw on your upstream bandwidth. LT-seeding is a trickle of otherwise unused bandwidth, The higher your rank, the more trickles you can have, if they exist in the first place which they mostly don't. Is having a General's 50 trickles so much better than having a Private's 41 trickles?

Insufficient data.

The client and the whole system is much more popular and widely used in southeast Asia than it is in the west. Consequently it is far more effective there. It is a good idea but is much more effective with a lot of people using it.

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Hey all, new to the formes although I have been a fan of BitComet for awhile now. I have run into an issue and cant find an answer anywhere I have looked. I know my cometid by heart but cant remember the password I used when I set it up as that was quite a while ago. Now I also have the email to said ID so I can retreve the password right...No, I have been trying for days now. I reset my password and then try to login to my comet marks and am told the password is wrong. this is a fresh install on a new operating system so everything is up to date. Now I'm left without my bookmarks or my score rateings in BitComet which were d*** high. I've had to setup an new email just to post this message in fact. Is there an issue right now with the reseting of passwords or is this something new.

Bitcomet ver1.25

Win Vista Ult.

I just want my rating back...Thanks for any help in advance.

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We aren't aware of any issues involving password resetting in CometID. Normally this could be resolved within one business day by someone in development, but they are on Vacation, celebrating a national Chinese holiday. Please send a private message to Administrator Zerojinn, who should be able to resolve this by the end of the week, or early next week at the latest. Please include your CometID name and the email you used to register it.

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I cannot log into my bitcomet. Everytime I try it says connecting to server or logging in. Had purchased the 10gb vip package and cannont use it without logging into my cometid. I can log into the site using my sign in data just not bitcomet. Please help. Kinda new at this and not very knowledgeable when it comes to these things.

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