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Don't worry, this happens from time to time. It won't affect the bitcomet client functionality much but you won't get any points added to your score until you can login again. Bitcomet is supported

Hi This is my first time posting in this forum so i don't know where exactly i should post. Since yesterday when i open the bitcomet client I says unable ti sign in bitcomet. I think my port forwardi

There is nothing to be concerned about, it will be fixed eventually. Members seem to panic every time the server goes down and it often happens during the 9day national holiday of Chinese New Year, so

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In China, everybody is celebrating the New Year, which lasts about 9 days...

Everyone will have to wait until the volunteers go back and have the time to fix the servers (they all have day jobs, too, just like you).

Be patient...

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I am in south africa and have the same problem since two days ago. Never had the problem before. Come on moderators. What's happened?

I have used BitComet for about 8 years and I have never had this problem. I wonder if they are not perhaps experiencing a DDOS attack?

Hallelujah my login opened today about 10 minutes ago. Whoever fixed the server THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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To ALL users:

Whenever you are unable to sign in at CometID, it usually means that the servers are down - it has nothing to do with your computer or the version of BitComet that you are presently using.

We cannot respond to everyone asking the same questions over and over. Any new threads and/or topics asking the same questions, will be automatically deleted.

Just continue to use BitComet as you always have - it will continue to work correctly - and eventually, a volunteer will fix it when time permits, and you will be able to log in once more.

Thank you.

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