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Bitcomet is unusable in Malaysia


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try diff version of bt

well u will found 1 like me ..

.75.. before .. my acc been throttle

Hi Kaizzya,

I have tried all sorts of things already. No improvement so far.:( :( :(

I try running one torrent only result is the same. :( :( :(

Last resort here, hoping against hope to get some help to go around the throttling. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

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sorry for not being clear about streamyx, i dont believe they are throttleing, when ever streamyx does mantanence, they shut down some servers and load traffic to others to prepair them for the upgrade, slowing down everything, latency is one thing that gets gayed, my ping was like going from 120 to 500 on MY/SG servers, you dont notice it when web browsing, but if you go to youtube, your movies will get timed out alot more than normal, it affects torrents cuz your connection to peers/seeders also gets times out, i think it times out when your ping is 400, i could be wrong, but this is what i have been noticing, couldnt play cs for a week.

advice, if your thinking of swtiching, jaring's wired is okay, you will get less downtime, and faster speeds, but for playing games and watching youtube, latency is still the same, get wireless brodband, like airzed or maxis or jaing's wireless, i hear the ping is 5-15 in some cases, but i think they have a firewall implemented that u cant portforward thru, (could be wrong, i didnt do research, its just from what i herd around)

Im defending streamyx cuz eventhou i have had problems with them, theyre not long lasting, and are normally fixed in less than 24hrs, if not then they would post up about it, but i dont think they are throtteling, and plus (outside cyberjaya) they are the only ones who have a package more than 1mbps, well not anymore, they took it from the front page, but i still have mine, and the 512kbps up is verynice for hosting games online, (compared to the shitty 384k up)

and one more thing, streamyx had said it would effect alot of places, Taman Tun was one of them, cant remember the rest, PJ wasent on the list, but it happned to me, and my friends in Taman Tun didnt get affected, its the server load thing, and my dads office in KL had shitty internet for a while even thou its wasent on the list, i think streamyx has shitty methods on mantanence, this particular one was to upgrade the speeds, but traffic was too much (like i said in previous posts) the areas that were affected were random because this is malaysia, and you shouldnt expect things to happen the way they should lol, that being said, i am a strong feeling that torrent traffic isnt being trafficked/throtteled, cuz i know too many people with good speeds all using streamyx from many corners of central malaysia, using all sorts of pakages, (the 2 prepaied ones/512kbps/1mpbs/2mbps) no one i know was fast enough to sign up for the 4mbps beofre they took it down) all roughly 60%-80% max speeds which is good if you have good torrent finding skillz,

one problem i just remembered, is that i know someone who lives in cheras, and has bad quility phone lines, and his speeds are really inconsistant, he called streamyx people to come have a look and they said it was cuz of the crappy wire quality, hes waiting for wireless to be available in his area, so if you live in a place with old phone lines then that could also contribute to the problems, cuz it was raining heavily with bad thunder storms lately, in pj anyway

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I apologize to Dinois for saying “I think you are selfish and do not like to help others”.

What I am getting now. A lot of seeds and peers but cannot connect to them and the download speed is slow.

The Global Max Upload Rate is set at 35 kB/s.

Will this help? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:


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dinois why dun try new bittorent software..

after u been throttled by streamyx

is called Tuotu ..

have u heard before?

just now i just switch from bc to this new software

*i think u got heard it before if u always hook up at low yat's forum

*sry to admin/mod if i promote or link other bittorent software..

but i trying to help them .. coz other r throttle victim like me

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I've been reading all of your posts and I decided that I want to say something.

First of all, I'm not a Streamyx user but I live in Malaysia. I'm a Maxis Broadband user at 512kbps.

Lately I've been experiencing slow downloads on my Bitcomet even though there are enough peers to ensure that I have a fast speed. I am currently using the latest version, Bitcomet 0.77. I do not know whether this is a stable release or not so can anyone please enlighten me here?

Anyway, what I want to say is, is there a TMnet policy for Streamyx users regarding Fair Usage? Because there is one for Maxis. Below is quoted from their policy.

5. Fair Usage

5.1 At Maxis, we want our broadband service to be fast and available for our customers at all times. This clause is designed with that goal in mind. Maxis views the vast majority of customers should not suffer from a slower service because of a very small number of high bandwidth users.

5.2 Peer-To-Peer and File Sharing Software

5.2.1 Certain software/applications which is used by a small number of customers to send and receive files containing very large amounts of data (including without limitation traffic from peer-to-peer software/applications (such as Bit Torrent, eDonkey, Gnutella) or file sharing software (such as Limewire)). These activities may cause network congestion and can negatively impact the speed at which other customers can access the internet.

5.2.2 Maxis does not guarantee a service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer or file sharing software/applications.

5.2.3 The system that is used to provide the Maxis Broadband service can identify very high bandwidth users and Maxis seeks to manage the customer’s usage by throttling their bandwidth to a much lower broadband speed to ensure fairness to all customers.

5.2.4 The customers are reminded that the software (as mentioned in section 5.2.1 above) allows the download of illegal content which Maxis prohibits, which is an infringement of copyright and/or intellectual property rights and rightful owners of such copyright and/or intellectual property rights may take measures to prosecute. Each individual download can be traced by the customer’s IP address back to the customer’s account with Maxis.

5.2.5 Maxis reserves the right to release customer information pursuant to any copyright (and/or intellectual property right) infringement if it is required to do so by any law, regulatory body or court of law.

5.3 Excessive Usage

5.3.1 Each customer’s total usage per month shall NOT exceed 3GB of data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no individual hogs the bandwidth at all times.

5.3.2 If a customer wishes to use more than the volume permitted, a written request should be made to Maxis.

5.3.3 Maxis reserves the right to reject the said application or charge for any additional data volume transmitted from what is already allocated.

Referring to the bolded text, it is said that Maxis has the right to throttle their customer's bandwidth if that certain customer has been hogging the internet bandwidth and affecting other people's speeds.

What I wonder is if there's also such thing for TMnet? But of course, barely no one ever reads their policies. But now I think that it's time you do. I hope this is of help, thanks.

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Hoho .. I am from klang , selangor in malaysia too .... sometimes my downloading speed has gone mad to 0 kbs although that there is 30 over seeders and when I use bitcomet 0.77 .... something weird happen .... I did not even saw a singlr thing in the downloading place although I am downloading something .....

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well, that's something. i suggest that you guys stop downloading for a while and just do normal surfing for a couple of weeks. i trust that once tmnet discovers that you've stopped hogging the network bandwidth, they'll stop throttling your bandwidth.

is useless

once it start throttle ..

it will throttle for a few months or years..

well mine took me 9 months to get rid that throttling problem

so is better to change to other bt applications

*currently using Tuotu

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The two 546 kb/sec is actual 546B/sec which will add up to 1kB/sec.

Downgrade to 0.70 version. The 0.77 version is still not consider stable yet.

That will not increase your download speed as the ISP is throttling you. :angry: :angry:

At least you would have less problem. :D :D

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hmm if u want..

*but first u must know how to read chinese ..

Hi, I can read, can type but cannot write. I tested that rabbit last night and my download is like 1-5 KB/s, maybe i dont know how to do the setting. My bt getting slow now, yeterday about 30+KB/s hardly 40. Today my ip is weird begin with 60 normally begin with 218 or 219.

Stop usin' BT for awhile. Good luck guys.

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YO! I would like to SHARE some tweak up internet for increase urs download speed!



1st step go to Disk Cleanup, click it and run it.

2nd step just press ok, any drive also can.

3rd step u will see on top got 2 tab, then u click MORE OPTION.

4th step u will see 3 choice on this page, WINDOWS COMPONENTS, INSTALLED PROGRAMS and SYSTEM RESTORE.

5th step choose WINDOWS COMPONENTS and click clean up.

6th step WOW many things right? Find NETWORKING SERVICES and press detail.

7th step u will see one of choice is PEER-TO-PEER, if the box is uncheck, so u check it(This will install P2P services).

8th step there are have some of the services if u dont use any more u can uncheck(delete), exp: windows messenger.

9th step after check the P2P box, click ok and next, then wait a few minute, in one minute gua(patient).

10th step DONE!


1st step Click START menu and click RUN.

2nd step Input gpedit.msc and ok it.

3rd step Find Administrative Templates and click the + to show all.

4th step Click + on NETWORK, after network is Qos Packet Scheduler.

5th step At the RIGHT window, right click on or double left click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

6th step On the setting tab, check the ENABLED, and BANDWIDTH LIMIT (%): SET TO 0 (zero).

7th step And OK it, then restart ur PC!^^


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hay deepcool0922, thats damn scary man, im too scared to do all that, all i do is disc cleaup, and defrag. lol.

anyway, too bad for you guys, im in pj ya, and my speeds are just fine

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v303/MYS34N/bitcomet3.png (my desktop is highrez and will kill your monitors so i didnt put it for desplay on to furoms) [heres a preview of my screenshot] hay Kaizzya look at my speeds HA!


but you know what, you guys could be right, i think my internet traffic is being controlled, normally i have 160kb/s but now its only around 100kb/s max (im being sarcastic by the way), maby its cuz im on the 2mbps pipe i can get the non trotelled servers to connect to, yay for me, but seriously, i havent seen any evidance of throteling for me anyway, ill try get some of my friends to join up on the furoms and send some screen shots, i think you guys just fail at port forwarding, (u need to turn of upnp) {portforward.com will tell you what to do, cuz bitcomets a bit weird)

dinois said that some torrents just download faster than others, and thats true, while the ammount of seeds are important, some torrents have better trackers or maby the seeds/peers for that torrent DONT cap their upload, I think 99% of malaysians cap thair torrent upload, what for ?, no reason, its not like your using it! leave it uncapped lah, the more upload u have the faster your dl, and its been my expirence that bitcomet dosent let the uploads disturb the download, so your download speed will be the same or faster.

hmm and that chinise client, im scared to use it, i mean how can one torrent client have what so many others dont, i mean the malaysian buisness model is to copy more "developed" countries (and this applies to everything), so if we have throteling problems, im sure other isps in other countries are doing what streamyx is doing, so how come clients from those countries havent got the super solution the chinise client has. im suspicious, i think its either fake, of full of nasty programs, im sticking to bitcomet, iv been using it since bittornado got a bit lame (years ago).

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So bad! call me stupid :P chill~ *u sound like Mr. chua* didnt know that u represent the whole country to post here. sorry

The 2nd pic is a chinese drama, on monday theres another new episode, maybe I send you the torrent file and try, see u can get how many KB/s. Ofcause with a proper bitcomet setting, like port forwarding...etc http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=533

Run anti-virus & adware/spyware scan.

Juicy part: pls dont limit your upload, set no limit. *u goin' to call me stupid again i know but just listen to me once*

Im not lucky, many thing I tried and failed you didnt know. Im in 1-5KB/s for more than 1 month. Keep on tryin' is the keyword. I even format my pc*a bit dumb*, suspect that im black listed because i leeching. Change bitcomet client from .6x to .7 then back to .58.. and so on, i even need a new folder to keep all my bitcomet/non bitcomet installer. 2 spyware, 1 adware and 1 antivirus program.. from forum to forum try different version of movies, drama, p***, anime. Search from english bitcomet forum to chinese bitcomet forum and lot more that you wont be interested with.

trail and error, do something different.

beside bt theres another way to download and get like 50-60KB/s mostly chinese movies/drama/english movies with china word sub.. how? goooooooogle it! find the answer for yourself

I dont experience any such problems. I normally download between 50-60kbps speed. Downloading speed depends on the torrents too. Although, i downloaded 38GB (yes GB) torrent file at an average speed of 40kbps within few days. Guess what, there were hardly any seeders for that torrent due to the fact that the torrent takes long time to download (who cares to seed afterwards). Sometimes i saw 0 seeders, sometimes 1, 2 or even 3 (maximum). Believe me or not, i'm on a 512kbps package. Looks like a miracle, isn't? lol Yes, i'm aware that they have restricted the downloading speed. I should be downloading at 80-85kbps instead of 50-55kbps.

Just keep ur pc virus, trojan, spyware, adware etc. clean. Make sure the port is open and u can see it on www.canyouseeme.org U must see Remote peers in the peers tab of any torrent u r downloading. Don't download multiple torrents simultaneously. That's it!! U r done. I dont think TM provides special services to foreigners like me...lol Ya, they do have special prices....bingo


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MYS34N, wow your download speed is great. I used to get that download speed too.

You are downloading too many torrents all at the same time. Try to limit to one or two if possible as your upload of 38 KB/s is not enough to support them all. Others trying to download the torrents will suffer because of your action.

alpha_boy, your download speed of 50-55kbps is great for the 512kbps package.

Both of you should be happy but what about others that is not as lucky as both of you. One example is me as sadly I am still getting between 3 – 20 KB/s depending on the time.

We need help. . . . Have try version 0.79 but the speed is even slower and the connected peers (local/remote) never exceed 8 at any one time for my case even though there is more then 200 peers. At least version 0.70 can connect to about 30 peers.

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that portforward guide r useless

follow the forum's 1 is better ..


i can get 150-160 with my rabbit with 3 torrents running(with each 50kb/s per torrent) :P

and my dl stream is only 1.5mb .. lol almost can reach urs 2mb's ...

waste la go register 2mb package

and about the point u state is fake or not ?

well that .. go ahead and speak what u like ..(i dun care ..)

even some ppl from Low Yat r starting using that Tuotu and introduce to other ppl

and they say their(tuotu) encryption code is work

and is work more a lot better that current azereus ... , bitcomet , and also utorrent


well first of all

try to set ur max global upload speed

so that ur dl speed won't be affect

secondly .. max global connection -(put it around 200-300)

thirdly max half open connection -auto (make sure ur TCPIP.sys been modified/ur max half open slots has been expand)

Fourthly .. listening port

use range port that bitcomet's use...

Lastly set ur max connection per task .. (this i put it to auto)

*well there is 1 one more port setting (i think is called release port)

that is original come with port 20361 when u install that rabbit

that 1 i leave it to default

and also

limit ur upload task

too many upload task will burden ur torrent

well dinois..

if still dun understand WTH i'm talking

go to HERE (click here) ..well is LY's forum

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