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How to Set up Portforwarding & Static IP Reply thread.

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Is it possible to unblock ports when using hide.me VPN ?

It is possible to use VPN and receive incoming connections but you'll need a dedicated port assigned by your vpn provider. Some offer this as a premium service, but the best way to do this is to rent a server yourself and setup your own vpm rather than sharing someone else's server, but for a practical answer, you aren't going to get good download performance for any free or cheap vpn service and most don't want you to because they can't earn profit if you consume all their bandwidth.

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Hello guys  ! Im having problems with blocked trackers  ( isp blocking  trackers ) and so I shoud use proxy to connect to them , now I wonder wich listing ports can match the proxy port like 1080 , 443, 3380 etc ?

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