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How to download video from youtube, ifilm, etc.

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BitComet now support download the video from the following sites: http://www.youtube.com http://video.google.com http://www.dailymotion.com http://www.metacafe.com http://www.ifilm.com please ha

You do realise you are responding to a 6 year old thread - don't you? LOL

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Seamonkey isn't new at all. It's been around for about 20 years, IMSMR.

Long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile, and Netscape was a suite of browser and email client and other stuff. When Mozilla as a browser broke off to pursue it's own path (after AOL bought them and they re-emerged independently)and the mail client broke off as what became Thunderbird, the integrated suite branched down its own path as Seamonkey. It has been so ever since. Meanwhile, Netscape proper, and AOL itself, are dead.

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hey dude what's the download limit in bitcomet if i m downloading a song it easily does it but when i try for movie it is not showing the such as for the songs so plz let me know some further steps or modifying the bitcomet...i m using to download youtube videos .

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BitComet has no limits on the speed you download unless you specifically specify a limit. This is controlled by several factors. When downloading video from a site like youtube, the speed you get it is usually limited by youtube's servers. This site has many millions of users each day, so they have to throttle connections to a speed they feel is sufficient to stream the video, and you won't be able to download it any faster then that. With some http/ftp tasks like this bitcomet can open upto 20 separate connections, so if the server throttles each connecton to 100kB/s, it could (in theory) download upto 20 times as fast 2000kB/s, but many sites don't allow multiple connections. Video streaming sites usually strongly disallow this because no one streaming a video would make multiple connections and they don't like users who download their videos to watch offline. They prefer you view their ads while the video plays.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do about this. If you want to get video from youtube, you will get it at the speeds they offer it.

Speeds are also limited by your ISP, who will not allow you to download faster then their maximum speed for your internet plan.

Other limiting factors could be imposed on your LAN, if your router is designed to share bandwidth between users, it may limit the speed of your connection further then the limits of the youtube or isp servers.

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I am not trying to jump in anyone's post but this is related to the topic.

I am using Bitcomet ver. 1.30 and Firefox 8 in Win XP Pro sp3. Firefox plugins page tells me that BitcometAgent is installed and the extensions page states Bitcomet Video Downloader is installed.

I can see the Bitcomet icon under Tools in Firefox and but when I hover on it, I can see the 3 options, capture video, capture audio and capture flash, however, blacked out, the words "No media file detected" and "clear all". I tried a few different sites and all are the same. I even deactivated Adblock but no results. Would a reinstall of Bitcomet help or is there something else I can try. What is weird is that I have used it before, I just reinstalled the OS and everything yesterday when my new HDD arrived like planned. The only difference I can think of is that I was using ver. 1.29 before the reinstall. Also, Firefox states that this addon is ok.

I know that there are other downloaders that will do this but I was hoping Bitcomet would do it for me.

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Firefox is quickly becoming disliked by many users and developers alike. I'm all for updating and improving products, but each time they issue a major version change, they render the work of countless publishers of extensions obsolete. This is to be expected, an in the past 6-7 years we've seen firefox go from version 1, to 2, then to 3, but in 2011 alone, it's gone through version 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and now version 8... each one rendering previous extensions obsolete. The people who make these things aren't paid to do it, so imagine if you spend a lot of time and effort making something to give to the community, then had all your work rendered obsolete suddenly and unexpectedly.

I'm sure you wouldn't be happy about it.

My next question is "when will this stop?". In my mind, they should still be working on perfecting version 4 and beta testing version 5, so even if bitcomet made a FF8 extension today, will it be rendered obsolete in a few weeks like the previous versions?

All I can say is they are making Google Chrome more successful.

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I think that this is the "smart" way that some people intend to bury Firefox.

This development path doesn't make any sense and I think you'll agree that all those who were behind Firefox so far, are anything but stupid.

Yet by releasing different and incompatible versions every 1-3 month is like saying "Wait, we screwed up really bad with the last version, we need to start over", time and time again.

Essentially, they're saying: "We've been really dumb so far, we admit, but now we've really nailed it with the new version." And then the next month they come forth and say the same thing again. And again. And again.

And they just "can't get it right" apparently. I'm having a really hard time believing that.

So, I think something more than meets the eye, may be behind this.

All I can say is they are making Google Chrome more successful.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Google WERE behind this mess. They seem on the fast track to becoming the new "Microsoft" or whatever.

I'm still using v.3.6. When I saw development starting to go downhill at the beginning of the year, I decided I won't upgrade anytime soon if given the choice.

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Please note the following:

BitComet is NOT a youtube app (check for browser add-ons for that)

This thread is 10 years old and had nothing to do with youtube

Youtube may have changed their setup that blocked the app you were using - there's nothing anyone here can do about that


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