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I'll tell you what, if you are the last person to post, I'll buy you any automobile you want (restrictions apply)*

*Read rules carefully! Official rules as follows. On the last day of the end of the world, or date 12/12/2112 (whichever is the latter), I will purchase an "almost" (defined as within 50years of being new) BRAND NEW AUTOMOBILE, of your choice (so long as it's manufactured in Belize, and they accept "Saddam era" Iraqi Dinars as payment. Your obligation is only to arrange transportation of the vehicle and pay a small administrative fee of $1000(usd). Vehicles prior owner may charge storage fees starting from todays date of no more then $10 per day (at his/her discretion. You must also sign a waiver relieving me of any liability for medical bills for the heart attack your likely to have when you realize you paid close to a million dollars for a rusted pile of metal (if indeed a car manufactured in Belize can be found). Additionally, the fact that the world just ended does kinda mean your $h!t outta luck anyway, so best option is to put your head between your knees and ki$$ your @$$ goodbye.

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Your rules remind me of an usury offer I heard of: UNLIMITED LOANS, FIRST PAYMENT AFTER 2012.3000% INTEREST

How about I tell Ferrari I'll(well,you'll) pay 10 millions for an Enzo if they build it in Belize?

On topic: I can always close the thread and win...post-53701-13025410144047.gifKIDDING!


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